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Monday, November 23, 2015

War On The Internet: Told Todd I Had His Finger Put Away For Him

War On The Internet: Told Todd I Had His Finger Put Away For Him: This particular Day supposably I had all three of the Prize Patrol Team Members on Messenger and on the phone to congradualate me on wi...

Told Todd I Had His Finger Put Away For Him

This particular Day supposably I had all three of the Prize Patrol Team Members on Messenger and on the phone to congradualate me on winning the big one. As you guessed it that's when Todd told me he didn't need any money up front. LOL just my google wallet card number, oh is that all. After I went of on them over the phone and messenger I kept trying to contact the Confirmed page of Todd Sloane which I talked him out of. After trying to reach him for several days, by the way I still didn't give the Scammers anything. I posted a letter on the blog and asked everyone to explain why Todd wouldn't answer me back after he said he would. Finnally a good Friend of the Prize Patrol Team that I ran accross many times when I first started checking out after the Facebook Scammer Roper Dawnmichelle. He goes by the name Harley Lott, Which I first assumed was Dave Sawyer's wild profile which almost everyone has. He told me that Todd Sloane wouldn't lift a finger to help me because he Labeled me Like One of the Scammers. Excuse me and these are the people that are know trying to tell everyone that if you get scammed or contacted by one of the Scammers to call them like all my hard work on this has been them doing it. That's Funny what's next call the President and ask to go to War. Still kinda hurts my feelings him saying that , but still I posted a middle finger for my Front Page of Cory's App OutHouse and told Todd it was for him because I had all the Fingers I Needed. Still can't believe they left me high and dry like that and I heard that they said they hopped I got Scammed, well I say screw them I'm not here to make Friends with them anyway I'm here to stop these online attacks and find out were the leaks are coming from and put A stop to it. Love Ya'll Peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cory

Todd Sloane's Finger


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Friday, November 20, 2015


                                       THE VIPER

                                                                       THE DEVIL
              Well after I turned it around on them and she had given up on trying to convince me any further that I wasn't going to budge and she wasn't getting shit out of this HOOD RAT. She then started to tell me all, some of it I suspected but not all. She went on to tell me yes they were organised and that they were all working for the same group as she put it. Danielle, lets just call her The Viper, thats what she said she goes by any way, said that she was the best at what she does and that she had a reputation for being ruthless and she never came away from a victim empty. That's what she was known for and that's also why they sent her after little old me. I guess you could say she had that reputation till as she said it, Took her Crown. For that when all this was over that she was going to pay me a visit and repay the favor. I say that's when her Hood Rat came out. I told her "You must be crazy if you think I'm scared of you!!" By the way I already died, I do not fear death I look forward to it because I've already seen it. The good Lord saw fit to allow me to come back and be with my 75 year old mother that I don't think could handle losing another child and to let her know that the Lord Father is still her with us and not to Lose Faith, For that I'm thankful.
                 The Viper went on to tell me that know I had tarnished her reputation that she was probably going to be punished. I told her "keep going I'm Loving the shit out of this". After everything they had done to me and put me through. Hell I was an emotional mess to put it mildly. The one thing that I kept asking her and I ask all of them that try there Luck on me is (WHY) me and I really have never gotten a good answer hell I can't work got no money coming in why do they keep coming for me. Lord set me on this path so maybe they see what he sees.Maybe I have won and they already got me for it, Don't know but like PaPa used to say you can't bleed a turnip.I used to tell myself that they way you can tell the real Prize Patrol Team Members from the Scammers is the professionalism of the Real Prize Patrol Team. That is so far out in left field that you have no idea.

War On The Internet: She Contacted me Later on that night and just as I...

War On The Internet: She Contacted me Later on that night and just as I...: She Contacted me Later on that night and just as I expected told me I had to send 750 dollars via western union to check this Jamaka of al...

The Viper

She Contacted me Later on that night and just as I expected told me I had to send 750 dollars via western union to check this Jamaka of all places. She said the big check was going to be presented to me by a PCH representative with a PCH badge and her badge number was 77190 and her name was supposed to be Sarah Waters my tracking number was 4713052891 and my reference number was 093145667 but the money was for a special seal that had to go on the check or like she said was as worthless as a sheet of paper. I asked her repeatedly why she didn't tell me about the money after everything that I had told her that I had already been through with these Scammers. Her reaction was can you blame me with the way you were acting. That's when she said it "Cory why don't you stop acting like a HOOD RAT!!!" Man I never been so insulted but truth be known she was right I've lived in the Hood my entire life. How did she know that or did she.
                 So she tells me to send this money to Kingston Jamakia to a Akheem Gallimore, even though the FBI has never asked for my information I learned to keep everything especially after Big Brother Facebook went in and Deleted everything I had good thing I was taught better. Back-up, Back-up, Back-UP.  By this time I knew she was a Fraud and this time I was different than the other times, I still cried, BUT I WAS DAMN MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Fronted her out and Told her. You Ain't gettin Shit. So go to hell.

War On The Internet:                Just like the rest of the Scammers...

War On The Internet:                Just like the rest of the Scammers...:                 Just like the rest of the Scammers or it could be them I don't know or really care anymore, but I got a friend requ...

War On The Internet: The Viper

War On The Internet: The Viper: THE VIPER Prize Patrol Team Organised Cyber Crime Cash Depositor/Reposer Brokers Because You Laughed at me and said it was Fun to...

War On The Internet: First encounter with Danielle LamatPch (THE VIPER!...

War On The Internet: First encounter with Danielle LamatPch (THE VIPER!...: Now Mind You at this point The Scammers had already came at me 4 to 5 times already so I was just starting to get hardened to there way...

The Viper

               Just like the rest of the Scammers or it could be them I don't know or really care anymore, but I got a friend request from Danielle LamatPCH on my Facebook page. I didn't have to guess I already knew it was a Scammer. I had already been hit up, as I call it earlier that week by WinDav and Todd Sloan-atPCH trying to try there Luck on me. The thing they didn't understand or care is that I didn't have any money to give to them even if I had wanted to. I hadn't worked since I think  March or April can't really remember. So I kinda cussed her out from the beginning. I think I took her off her guard. They were already pissed and I knew it. They were throwing everything at me but the kitchen sink. First thing I Texted her was what the Hell do you want. Oh-Oh-Oh I'm just here to inform you that you have won a prise with and umm-I'm sorry if I uhm-made you mad. (Like I said the Viper don't let the nice act fool you.) So after everything calmed down and I explained to her why I was the way I was towards anyone from or pretty much anyone claiming they were going to give me something for Free(I'll explain that one later.) I told her that I was talking to someone right then that was telling me he was Todd Sloane. I asked her so who's telling the truth.
           Man oh man did that get her attention(Later I learned that, that was probably the real Todd Sloane because the profile he was talking to me on at the time was authenticated but today that really don't mean Crap because I've talked to that same page or profile still telling me I won and still asking me for my Credit Card Number so that don't mean nothing anymore.
            So when she Found Out I was talking to Todd Sloane the real or her competition I don't no nor care, but she told me he was a fake and that I needed to block him because he was after my money. I think she saw I was kinda hesitant about blocking and reporting him. Any of ya'll ever hang up the phone or slam the door on your banker or Loan Officer that was there trying to give you money. Let me tell you it ain't easy to do or to forget. I was the one that contacted his page though trying to figure if the person that hit me up couple days before was him or another Con-Artist. Don't think I got to tell you what he said. So I got Danielle on one end saying he's the Fraud and I got Todd on the other end telling me No she's the Fraud. Hell for all I knew they both were and looks like that's the way it really was. She's a women and good looking too so I went with my manly ways and let the women win even though I knew I was going to get hurt again, like Roper DawnMichelle that worked for Facebook Headquarters in Los Angeles California. 
            She tells me if you were really serious about winning this money you will do what I tell you know Block him and report him to Facebook so that we can finish the details of this transaction. She was very convincing and she had to be for real that was the first time one of them yelled at me. I'm thinking to myself this one's for real, so I did what she said and she was going to contact me Later that evening with the details of what to do. The Viper sinks her fang in me just enough to get me. Those of you that know some of this story she was the Scammers Best of The Best.THE VIPER----------------Mets Protect The Innocent--------Cory Triplett!!!!!  

The Viper

    Prize Patrol Team
    Organised Cyber Crime Cash Depositor/Reposer Brokers
    Because You Laughed at me and said it was Fun to break me. You started this War and I'm going to Finish it.

War On The Internet: First encounter with Danielle LamatPch (THE VIPER!...

War On The Internet: First encounter with Danielle LamatPch (THE VIPER!...: Now Mind You at this point The Scammers had already came at me 4 to 5 times already so I was just starting to get hardened to there way...

First encounter with Danielle LamatPch (THE VIPER!)

Now Mind You at this point The Scammers had already came at me 4 to 5 times already so I was just starting to get hardened to there ways. Thought I had my emotions under control and I was going to catch every Last one of these people. Had many long nights in prayer asking the Lord to give me the strength to carry out this one Last Thing before he takes me back to heaven. I call it (I walk with the Angles). Call me crazy but I can see and feel them and there's no better feeling on this earth that to be blessed enough to be able to walk size by side with a Angle. I know my day's getting closer and closer but I know where I'm going, I've already seen it so Who's blessed and who's cursed. I got the chance to come back and set things in my personal life straight. So don't feel sorry for me For (I walk with Angles)I am Blessed. I tell you this now to so to explain when my memory ain't what it used to be if details get mixed it's because the pain makes me mix details up> There actual events but sometimes it can be two or three events and I remember like it was just one. Remember this I never Lie. Don't need to got enough of those people around they don't need my help. Way I see it they got that one covered. Maybe when all this is over I tell you all what happened to me. On to Danielle Lam.....

Thursday, November 19, 2015

War On The Internet:          Received a message from facebook Security...

War On The Internet:          Received a message from facebook Security...:          Received a message from facebook Security today. Those two words should not go together Facebook and Security. They said that the...
         Received a message from facebook Security today. Those two words should not go together Facebook and Security. They said that these cyber attacks were government based but they couldn't tell me more but to protect myself. No Shit sherlock what you think I been up against for the past 6 months. There trying to act like they have nothing to do with it but the attacks are coming from there camp in Facebook. The people that are coming at me are from Facebook Security Personal, I've known that I've always known that there the ones giving these cyber attackers my personnel information. Do they really think I don't know that I've made enemies on both sides of the board. The Cyber Crooks hate me because they can't shut me up or take me like the rest. I won't just go away or be muted like the rest. Then there's Big Brother Companies like Facebook Security And that don't like me because I made them look bad by telling the world what they've done. Let you know I'm going to keep telling my story till someone does something about what they've done to me and others. One things for sure what they did to me is not a game and I won't stop this until I know it won't and or can't happen to anyone else. 
          Publishers Clearinghouse's Prize Patrol says they don't send out Friend request and they don't ask for money this and my prof says they do and the people at Facebook are involved or working with them. They've came at me 15 or more times and because there big corporate giants nobody wants to do anything about it.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Roper DawnMichelle aka Facebook

          Hi Everyone Hope All's well Today,
Sorry I had to duck out for a couple of days but had another go around with them. Remember the other day I was telling how my War On The Internet started was my first of Many but first scammer. Well what really got me onto this was the Fact that I could not understand how she got so much of my information, and some of it hadn't been more than 2 Days old. That is what got me curios on how far she was involved especially when Facebook told her that I turned her in she started threatening me. I just figured Facebook just made a mistake doing that to me till I found out how many others were out there and spoke to them and got there stories. My case though, I got way more Scam attempts. I've always let it be known to everyone that I've always suspected that and Facebook were involved but I could never put my Finger on in, At least not enough to Testify in court on.
So The Point to all this I spent a lot of time trying to figure out why I haven't been told anything. Eventually they said they couldn't disclose anything to protect all of Facebook customers as a hole. I have the same opinion then as I do know trying to keep these Social Media scammer quiet so you don't scare people off or lose revenue was and is not a good idea. Not for Facebook customers and when they Find out how many people got hurt there going to be Losing a load more in the Future especially when everyone Finds out (mostly From me) that Facebook was responsible for a majority of the cover-up. I think part of the reason I made so many enemies so quickly out of the barrel is because I listen to the word of the heavenly Father, and when he tells me not to pussy foot around something I say to or about a person, I listen to him cause it Ain't a good idea to make that upset Right.
Back to Facebook. This Fake (Todd Sloane) as I call his profile. You can tell it's Face No Friends LOL. Even as much as me and Todd have thrown our punches at each other in the media, I at least know He's got more than just one Friend. So she starting the conversation by " So How Are You Doing WINNER" I've literally heard that From Him Dannielle Lam and Win Dav as he called himself so many times it just gives me that evil laugh now. So as I had her on messenger I contacted Facebook and told them I had one of the Scammers online Right Now. Me Personally I figured being Facebook in all would be tracking recording everything from that point on. So I kept her talking figuring Facebook was going to bust down her door at any moment and I told her that too. Once I got her calmed down after busting her True identity out. I Keep asking her why why why me. Why did and are coming at me so hard, Cause the way I see it, Lord back me up on this one, have never hurt no one. All that Dumb Ass could come up with. I told her B'''ch you don't even know me.      
That's when I told her to do me and everyone else involved in this case a Favor and when the cops get there to arrest you (PLEASE) tell them who your partners are I'm going to say this again for the people doing this I don't care who they are, what they are, how rich or popular they are in the food chain. The Prize Patrol team, Facebook CEO's. If they knew about it or taught these people, I don't care if they knew about it and didn't stop it I want them in Jail. I and the people around me want Corporate Accountability for Everyone involved. I want Punitive Damages for what they've done to myself and all the victims around the nation. And to give you a heads up there's A lot.
I have reported my evidence to (As Bad As Facebook), I've reported to The FBI's Cyber Crime Unit And all the same Nothing. I'm Really starting to think everyone is taking this like it's acceptable behavior call me crazy but Hell No!
 Facebook Security contacted me (your not going to believe this0 and informed me that they told the Todd Sloane At that his account had been reported as a Fake. I'm telling you this I told myself I would not let these Scammers or any of these people as a whole get me upset enough to Cry Again but I had to step back a couple steps, take some time away in prayer to remind myself why I was doing this. If it was just for me I don't live for the agrivation these people have caused me and or my Family and Friends. I mean After that Fake Danielle Threatened to kill me, I had to do some real soul searching and damn near put myself in hiding.
For Facebook to not only to not bust her but to call Todd Sloane and tell him that I Reported him or his account as a Fake Account. Then I started thing, I've learned a lot on digital technology investigating these Crooks not People Crooks. So if you Told the real todd that I reported his account as a Fake. Wait a minute Cory (I Said) So does that mean it was really his account that called me that night and many many other times doing this to me. I Swear to God I had better not find out that what I've suspected has been true all along that they( THEY) are the ones doing this .Todd (HMMMM).
             This is What I Want, I want this From Facebook CEO's, Google Plus Pages CEO's, And CEO's, And Last but not least the not so famous FBI's Cyber Crime Unit First I want to know(Why Me) Why did they keep coming after me and why did and why are ya'll allowing them to not only target me for themselves but there Friends as well. Why did you not stop it along time ago cause enough is enough. You all done backed this Back Street White Boy into a corner and The Tiger gonna step out of my shadow. Secoundly Sounds to me like you were saying that was his account and if that's so I got that on screen shot along side of my many many more documents I have on Todd and out of the three of them he's the one that came after me the most. I've Even had the Jamacian connection saying they worked for the government going give me a 7000 dollar grant just for being a good citizen. I couldn't help it I Said What The Fuck, Laughing so hard at that one this time he hung up on me. I want ya'll to check my details. All you have to do is look into all my deleted messages on Facebook because a majority of them are there. For that facebook security to tell me that if (IF) I think I've been targeted that I should change my account. I said wait a minute Ass Hole I did that 6 months ago when this first started and I'm not doing that again besides I fear no man and theres nothing else they can do to me that they haven't already done. Remember I've already died on the operating table in Crocket Texas every since then (I don't fear death) I look forward to it. That will be the day I go home to the Father. Sorry so long Tonight but they got me good. God Bless Ya'll Cory Triplett signing out and Reporting for War On The Internet, Protect The Innocent, And Cory's App Out House For Facebook, Google Plus Pages, and rearly but occationally YouTube. YouTube Regretning making me mad right now. I just come over to blogspot and You know what I kinda like it here they let me do my thing and leave me be thank ya'll for that. I'm Out And Catch Me If You CanNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cory Triplett

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Protect The Innocent : Protect The Innocent : The Little Old Lady In Flor...

Protect The Innocent : Protect The Innocent : The Little Old Lady In Flor...

: Protect The Innocent : The Little Old Lady In Florida Helps Me Find The N... : Protect the innocent I've been asked how I came up with ...

   What Did I Find In Her Profile, Just Exactly What I Expected. Haven't I Said They were Funded and Organised.

         I have always suspected and this is not the first time I Found a profile from one of these Scammers that had many many different freinds that either worked for or was connected to a gameing company, you know those big money internet companys. I've always said or suspected that these scammers were associated with but I couldn't put my finger "Todd" on it until Last night or lets say there was nothing hard that I could prove  in a court of Law. 
        Going threw my newest Scammer Luann Care's profile, friends List, profiles like only I do LOL talk about violating there privacy, she on  Facebook in case anyone interested. Now she had a lot of friends most in or from California were most of this comes from, you know that's were Facebook is located. These Freind of hers worked for the Game or Gameing company that operates and I guess makes the game Farmville and or Farmville2. They all looked like rich junkies that never knew what it's like to work for a living. Remember the series 90210 bunch of rick California kids wouldn't know how to survive in the real world. I'm starting to get the impression that these scammers are grown people that like those kids think life is a Game. That maybe these Scammers are those kids thinking they can do these things to honest hard working people and get away with it because in there eyes it's just a Game. Well life is not a Game and what there doing to us out there doesn't Feel like a game to the person there doing it to.
            With that maybe they think us gamblers/Gamers deserve it because this is the lifestyle we chose. Message to them just because we play online games to pass time, Doesn't mean it's a bad thing. And Ya'll, The Scammers have no Room or Right to Judge Anyone. 
             Now with all this in mind remember this I have Reported all of this to Facebook. I have made numerous reports to's scam prevention and to the FBI's Cyber Crimes Unit. Including this one so lets step back for a secound and see if Facebook or Cyber Crimes does anything about this this time but I'll say this I don't think they will because they never do. It all depends on who's filling the deapest pockets. As for me I'm tired of being these rich kids Play Toy and eventually things are going to get very real for them and more likely not in a good way for there idea of the way this is going to all end. My idea of it ending is not just for it to stop we've gone way past that already. I want the Scammers Convicted and put in jail. I want the people supporting them prosicuted. I want the people that knew what was going on prosicuted. AND I want the companies they worked for or operated out of held responsible to a higher standerd, to the point I want them prosicuted and they need to pay the victims of the Scammers compensation for there pain and suffering and any monitary lose that they may have gotten because of these Crooks.
             Enough on this one though lets set back and See what the Real Danielle wanted with me and the Sorry of the Fake Danielle be coming soon"The Devil" as I call her the" Scammers Best Of THe Best" And Also I'll Tell You About how and what I heard about what the Real Todd Sloane. The Way I Found out that he hated me and tell you the truth I really didn't start getting bad on him till this happened. That's when I started takeing what he said to me and about me, the reason I got you know what finger on my Front Page of Google Plus Page Cory's App OutHouse and I still got that finger to this day for him if he ever decides to come collect on it. Your Friend Cory Triplett Reporting on War On The Internet And Protect The Innocent For Cory's App OutHouse on Facebook, Google Plus, Followed To Twitter and Seen On YouTube So Catch Me If You CanNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!! Cory OUT!!!!!!!!!
                                God Bless And Be SAfe See You Tomorrow!!!!!!

The Newest Scam Attack

Hey Everyone, Sorry It took so long today been having some connection issues today. I was going to tell you about Todd Sloane today but more important issues are surfacing about that Scammer that came after me on Facebook a couple of Days ago, the one that got cocky and pretty much confessed the world to me. I told ya'll how to track the tracker and find out who's behind the Fake Facebook accounts when they send you Friend Request. Now I'm going to teach you what I do that takes that step a bit further if you do this you need to be well rested so you can have a wide open mind set.           Now when your in the Fake Account I explained that account is going to be very knew most of the time only a couple of months old at the most. Hear lately only a week at the most means to me that I've been doing my job and there getting busted or there getting scared and there too afraid to keep it open for to long in fear that we'll set a trap in there and we can. We can set a account with triggers were if it;s accessed from anyone or anywhere it will permanitly mark that person and location till the authorities get there to haul there buts to the proper Jail,my wish.          But once you have there name you can't access anything there but you can access there name and picture that tags with the profile. With that go out of the account and look up the name in Normal Facebook Friend Request. Once you get into that profile you'll notice the profile is real because in  the time stamps it goes back most time a few years to like me and most quit a few years LOL. Most time they have a little bit more than just one friend right "Todd Sloane". Off Subject for just a secound I got a friend request from the certified profile of Danielle Lam still don't know what she wanted been kinda curios never even seen her real profile was cool being able to browse around and see who her real freinds really are but again it was still her business account but it was intersting for someone like me. But back to business now that you have your Scammer's profile for me I used this in the begining to find out how they were getting my information. To find out why they were coming and kept coming for me because in my eyes I don't have any money, have never won anything, and I've never hurt anyone so I couldn't figure out "Why Me" and truthfully still haven't got my answers to my satisfaction to that question. What I did learn though is how to see what a person is about kinda like a mental evaluation to see what makes them tick. You can see that in the kind of Freinds they call Freinds. Me personally my Freinds are God Fearing People with Home Training and Morals and They Have to And I Mean Have To .....Be Cowboys Fans!!!!! LOL Not Really Nobodys Perfect.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Facebook Snake Comes Out

To Start off let me introduce myself. My Name is Cory Triplett writer and creator of the pages and groups Called War On The Internet and Protect The Innocent and Corys App OutHouse. Were trying to stop or at least expose the online scammers that are sweaping through the internet using Facebook and's FanPage as there stomping grounds there organised and I think working together. The only way I can see to stop them is by getting the word out because they seem to use the same tricks over and over till they use it up. I'm going to give you a little background on me and how I got started with this mine you last night counts number 16 that times they've tryed to con me. I'll tell you that one later on Protect The Innocent's Blog.
This was back in end of may or early june of this year I had been playing the's online games at this point probably about two months when I got a freind request from Facebook from someone I didn't recognise but I didn't think much about it because my brother recently had moved to Alabama to be with my Dad. I just figured it was one of his freinds trying to contact him so I went ahead and acepted even though I normally don't do that. Her Name was Roper DawnMichelle, she hit me up on messenger, started simple "hi How are you doing this morning". Nice and polite right, Fine thank you for asking. it was early on a Sunday Morning and I was helping my 75 year old mom get ready for church. She tells me her name and asks me if I was a big Fan of and the online games, I purked up well yea like the biggest got almost a million tokens I told her. She then Tells me that she works for Facebook at the main headquarters there in Los Angeles, OK. She told me she had some News for me to make sure that I was setting down, OK.
She goes on to explain that I had just won the secound prise, I didn't know there was a secound prise which found out later that there wasn't. She said I had just won 200 thousand dollars but I had to keep it quiet until the press release but if I had to I could tell my immediate family. She said it was her job to show me video clips of past PCH winner, i assumed so I would know how to act or not act. Now mind you I am recently unable to work because of a medical condition that allready killed me a couple of times on the operating table. I had to move back in with my mother which neither one of us liked but we tolerated the situation. My mom still works but needed to stop to get Surgery done on her knees but couldn;t because of the Financial bind I put her in so this came as great news. Man it felt good to tell my mom that she could go ahead and have that surgery know.
So I tell my new freind Roper I gotta go for a bit to get Mom off to church, she said ok but I needed to hit her back ASAP because she needed to go over the details pretty quickly. So I got mom off after telling her and my brother the good news and then sent her a message, I was so happy I was in tears talking to her, the Lord is Good.
Then as I have refered to this, as The Snake Comes Out, she told me that I would have to pay the insurance for the money that it costs to transport that amount of money to me. I'd never had that kind of money so I thought I could be true. I asked ok how much,The line, she said it was 750 dollars, I'm thinling out of 200 thousand thats fine good trade right, so I told her that's fine just take it out of my winnings. Huh Oh no she said this had to be paid up front. I told her were do you expect me to get that kind of money. She said it wasn't her problem or fault but that's just the way it is, she asked me not to be mad at her but if she didn't have the money by the end of the day I would be forfeiting my prise and as she said you don't want that to happen to you, DoYou.
I thought real hard in the next few hours about what to do, thought about calling my dad and asking him for the money until I got the winnings.
Then common sense set in. I started thinking if the Good Lord was providing me with this money he would have provided the 750 dollars also, and from were I've been setting recently brought back to life in the hospital and months and months of ICU and recovery, because I never knew my Lord to half ass anything. So I just stoped talking to her didn't want the humilation of being just a broke, poor, texas boy.
After about a week and countless times crying myself to sleep, or not being able to sleep because of what this did to me I finally got back on Facebook and contacted PCH and Facebook security and they both informed me that it was a scam and there never was a secound prise but I looked up her profile and it showed a picture of the Facebook Headquarters. Then I looked further and the profile was only a month old. I felt stupid and Humilated, but that wasn't all I found out later no thanks to Facebook that there really was a Dawn Michelle that works and does what this woman said she did, I tracked down the profile and didn't even look close but how would I know.
Now Facebook had told me to block her and delete the Files which I did but not before saveing my files on her. I then turned investigator, man what I discovered on my own. I told myself that there was no way she could have gotten as much or the kind of information this women had on me. My name, past and present addresses, social security number, Drivers Licence Number, she had to be connected and connected she was. I found her picture going through the contacts of the contacts of the Prise Patrol Team and Found out she was a freelance Phatographer for Facebook No Kidding I say and why did Facebook not find that important enough to tell me. Been saying it ever sense about Facebook and PCH Prise Patrol Corporate Cover up because through my investigations there all conected in one way or another all I had to do was track these peoples Google Plus Profiles and some of them like me now have many accounts. I felt betrayed again and lied to again and this time it was by the people I thought were protecting me and had my back, Facebook and At that moment is when I decided I wasn't going to keep takeing this lying down no more the good lord did not bring me back to be treated like this. That was the Day I Declaired War, War On The Internet and even posted a letter online I called it my first War Declaration. I wasn't going to stand by and watch other people keep going through what I went through and I found out it was gouing on all over the country. That was when I made a name for myself to them and in the Following months they were determined that they would be able to take me, you know get me for money, even sent ther best at me and man she was good almost had me convienced to do it. She was so good she could tell you your name isn't your name and you would almost beleive her. Now like I said this has happened to me about 16 times Since then I will be posting storys on different true story events in the next few days and months to come maybe if someone sees my story or if I post one of yours so feel free to tell me yours maybe we can stop this from happening to anyone else or stop them and at least maybe slow them down. The FEDS Cyber Crime Unit don't seem to be doing antthing so we have to stick together. Know I'll be posting here and my other Protect The Innocent or My Google Plus Pages to Facebook To Twitter To YouTube but these two blogger pages are were you'll always find me send me your storys or if you have a question. I now how to break the scammers profile been doing this a long time know that and I have a degree in Electrical Engineering and I can show you how to find the real identity of the person your being stalked by. My Call Sign Is Catch Me If You CanNNNNNN!!!!!!! Like my Pages over the web and show us support for our efforts like I said before Been Doing This Alone As For Such. All the people I have helped not one well only one has ever said Thank You For my Work That would be nice to hear every know and then America. Love Ya'll Peace And God Bless. Protct The Innocent will be about 1 or 2pm .                                                Cory TriplettFacebook's Snake