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Monday, November 23, 2015

Told Todd I Had His Finger Put Away For Him

This particular Day supposably I had all three of the Prize Patrol Team Members on Messenger and on the phone to congradualate me on winning the big one. As you guessed it that's when Todd told me he didn't need any money up front. LOL just my google wallet card number, oh is that all. After I went of on them over the phone and messenger I kept trying to contact the Confirmed page of Todd Sloane which I talked him out of. After trying to reach him for several days, by the way I still didn't give the Scammers anything. I posted a letter on the blog and asked everyone to explain why Todd wouldn't answer me back after he said he would. Finnally a good Friend of the Prize Patrol Team that I ran accross many times when I first started checking out after the Facebook Scammer Roper Dawnmichelle. He goes by the name Harley Lott, Which I first assumed was Dave Sawyer's wild profile which almost everyone has. He told me that Todd Sloane wouldn't lift a finger to help me because he Labeled me Like One of the Scammers. Excuse me and these are the people that are know trying to tell everyone that if you get scammed or contacted by one of the Scammers to call them like all my hard work on this has been them doing it. That's Funny what's next call the President and ask to go to War. Still kinda hurts my feelings him saying that , but still I posted a middle finger for my Front Page of Cory's App OutHouse and told Todd it was for him because I had all the Fingers I Needed. Still can't believe they left me high and dry like that and I heard that they said they hopped I got Scammed, well I say screw them I'm not here to make Friends with them anyway I'm here to stop these online attacks and find out were the leaks are coming from and put A stop to it. Love Ya'll Peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cory