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Friday, November 20, 2015


                                       THE VIPER

                                                                       THE DEVIL
              Well after I turned it around on them and she had given up on trying to convince me any further that I wasn't going to budge and she wasn't getting shit out of this HOOD RAT. She then started to tell me all, some of it I suspected but not all. She went on to tell me yes they were organised and that they were all working for the same group as she put it. Danielle, lets just call her The Viper, thats what she said she goes by any way, said that she was the best at what she does and that she had a reputation for being ruthless and she never came away from a victim empty. That's what she was known for and that's also why they sent her after little old me. I guess you could say she had that reputation till as she said it, Took her Crown. For that when all this was over that she was going to pay me a visit and repay the favor. I say that's when her Hood Rat came out. I told her "You must be crazy if you think I'm scared of you!!" By the way I already died, I do not fear death I look forward to it because I've already seen it. The good Lord saw fit to allow me to come back and be with my 75 year old mother that I don't think could handle losing another child and to let her know that the Lord Father is still her with us and not to Lose Faith, For that I'm thankful.
                 The Viper went on to tell me that know I had tarnished her reputation that she was probably going to be punished. I told her "keep going I'm Loving the shit out of this". After everything they had done to me and put me through. Hell I was an emotional mess to put it mildly. The one thing that I kept asking her and I ask all of them that try there Luck on me is (WHY) me and I really have never gotten a good answer hell I can't work got no money coming in why do they keep coming for me. Lord set me on this path so maybe they see what he sees.Maybe I have won and they already got me for it, Don't know but like PaPa used to say you can't bleed a turnip.I used to tell myself that they way you can tell the real Prize Patrol Team Members from the Scammers is the professionalism of the Real Prize Patrol Team. That is so far out in left field that you have no idea.