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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Protect The Innocent where have you been?

Hello everyone have you missed me as much as I have missed you. I figured I at least owe you my fans and followers a explanation of why I haven't written here on my main blog in some time.
      Some of you know about my twin brother Keith (Tax) Triplett that passed away three weeks from our 45th birthday back in August( My Twin Brother). I really thought that was the end of my world. Boy was I wrong.
     My mother, my life, the center of my entire life passed away from complications from a stroke. Then on top of everything my mentally sick brother was named executor of her will. It's like if he didn't like me then. He really has came at me now trying to cut me out of the will. The rent is paid up till January but Kenny is trying to get me out ASAP. He's kicked in my bedroom door, assaulted me, not to mention stolen hundreds of dollars of my stuff. Even going as far as taking my door knobs off my doors with his crack heads coming and going all hours of the night. 
         I've tried to be rational about this but he is going to run moms house into the ground. As momma used to say turning this house into a flop house. I could take it for me but I got mommas dogs too and he's even gone as far as stealing there dog food. I've seen some messed up shit but this guy ( I can't even call him my brother anymore. Sounds like a construction zone. I'm still in a very emotional state right know. I will get back to the job at hand ( War On The Internet) As soon as Possible.,      If you need me you can still contact me at 9033944710

Monday, August 15, 2016

War On The Internet:            Sorry about That But I had to catch u...

War On The Internet:            Sorry about That But I had to catch u...:            Sorry about That But I had to catch up with a few zzz's. Three weeks with no sleep was starting to where me down ment...

           Sorry about That But I had to catch up with a few zzz's. Three weeks with no sleep was starting to where me down mentally and physically. Everyone wanted me to take keith's clothes after the funeral that's all fine and dandy I can use them. You Ever get so mad at someone or something that you just want to puck your guts out. Welcome to my world ladies and gentlemen going go smoke then I'm going come back and spill my guts out how about that for ya.
        Ok first of all for those of you don't already now my twin brother Keith Allen ( TAZ) Triplett passed away on the 6th of August of this year. A few Days ago. Me, My Mom, and My Sister drove from here in Palestine Texas to were my dad and brother lived in a small town called Ashland Alabama. Renee drove for the majority and her daughter which is in the military flew in out of Birmingham Alabama. Well we got there at night and we all were pretty tired so we all just went to bed. When I woke up in the morning you would not believe what I saw. I saw it and I couldn't believe it. I had seen it before but like I had told some of you before that after I died in the hospital in Crocket in 2005 when I came back I did not come back completely. I lost bits and pieces of my memory. I had lived with my dad before but I forgot how fithy the place was. the walls and pretty much every single thing in that house was completly covered in smoke filled cigarette tar film from to much closed in cigarette smokers in the house. To put it mildly was disgusting and made me want to puck from the moment I woke up that morning to present time right know. I brought some things back like some of Keith's clothes that I might want to where but I had to wash everything and the yellow stains even came off the clothes onto your hands trying to wash them.
          We were there for about a week and I spent almost every single moment I was there cleaning the walls, The Bathroom walls, sick, bath tub, replaced the tolet seat. on to the kitchen - had to clean the walls in there also. Had to clean the stove inside and out. I couldn't believe there was a white stove under all that yellow discoloration. That one took forever. I was so exasted after the stove I couldn't believe i had the energy to keep going but I could not bring myself to stop. I mean my mother was in this house thank god she went to stay with my uncle until the funeral. Everytime I thought about eating something I would get sick all over again and it would make and drive me harder and faster to get this place cleaned up. Me and my good lord were debating on why I should clean this house when by the time we leave I was going to put everyone out of there misery anyway and torch this house. LOL just kidding but it was a good thought and when we got back I told my mom that joke and she said i was wrong and wasn't acting in a very christian manner but the only thing was I was right.
           I blame my brother in his own right for smoking way to much and he was told a long time ago to lay off those menthol cigarettes that they were going to eventually kill him. He had a blood clot in his lungs that caused him to do what is known as bleeding out, basically means you bleed to death because the blood clot will cause you to cough a hole in your head or your gut but take your pick but if you ain't on a operating table when it happens your a gonner.
         This was the third time in my life that I have had to clean that house in this manner and know I remember. I remember other family members telling me that they didn't like going over to my dad's for this same reason the smoke and the tar stained walls. I haven't been to Alabama since I think I was in my mid 20's and I will be 45 on the 27th of this month so do the math it's been awhile. There's no way the body can breath when your poors can't get oxygen because there being plogged up by the Tar. My dad is pushing 80 years old. So really are you telling me with all the family he had living around there and there was and is quiet a few family members there and after the fuineral the only one that showed up was the preacher and my aunt. Not one person even with a funeral wanted to take the chance of coming into that house and that's even after I had cleaned that house from top to bottom. All the family, state and local agencies, my dad is a retired officer for the Navy and noone was willing to step forward and put a stop to these two grown men from there suicidal lifestyle and get them the help they needed weither it be help in the cooking department the cleaning department or something before this house setting on the hill became a death trap that killed my little baby twin brother. Even know after keith is passed there going to leave my dad to rot in that hell hole he calls home. Someone needs to man up and either take his freaking cigarettes from him or tell him that he can no longer smoke in the house or then he can no longer smoke. First of all why does it take a outsider like me to come in and see that there was a problem here and why did it take my brother dieing for someone to see we have a situation here that needs to be addressed today and I mean right freaking know.
           My brother and I have always talked but we hadn't talked in the past two weeks but we both felt that we were doing god's work. Him in Aklabama taking care of my dad. Me here in Texas doing the same which I have been on this particular mission to look after my mom since I came back into the hospital in Crocket were I had died and the good lord blessed me to allow me to come back and make things right with my mother and I consider myself honored to be able to do the good lords wishes as long as he sees fit. He told me that they could only repair my body not fix it so this was only going to be a temporary fix anyway but at least I get to spend them with my mother that I Love very much. She is in need of knee surgery so she don't get around very well that's were I come in. I keep the house in order and keep it klean. Make and take her dinner to her in bed. I help her in and out of her car as needed. Help her doing the grocery shopping. I wake her up in the mornings and bring her coffee and her pop tarts. And I take care of her dogs which I know call my own. Gods work and I tell the heavenly father on a daily basis that I am nothing without him and I will do what ever he commands.
           With that in mind I want to tell you this. Someone had asked my brother why he never complains about the service he was having to do. As I am crying right know. Do you know what my brother Keith told this person. Because my brother Cory Never Complains and he has a harder job than me. Do you realize how that made me feel to know he wouldn't complain because of my faith in my lord Jesus. Like I said I blame Keith were Keith was out of line when he had the warning signs and had been told what would happen but I also blame that house, my dad, my local family that lives around them, I blame the local police department for not doing quality of life checks on my family(My dad and Brother), I blame the VA for not taking care of a aging Naval Officer, I blame the local hospital for not having a program set up for my father for home health care to help him with feeding, cleaning, medication reminders and ect.. And that goes for the local and state board on those departments. Please don't let me retire in Alabama.
            That won't happen anyway because even though I have been filling appeal after appeal with social security administration the last time I went to the hospital was because My breathing and I kept having fainting spells so my mom had to call a ambulance one night and when all the smoke cleared the hospital told me they had to give me a total of 6 units of blood that I was loosing blood some how but they couldn't fuigure out how and why so much. They said they had seen shooting victims come in with more blood than I had in my body that night and that when the body looses so much blood eventually the organs start shutting down with or without notice and with a good diet and if (IF) I take care of myself I could (Operative word COULD) Live for maybe up to five more years but realistically I have a matter of months to a few years. Really you gonna talk to me like that at least be a little optimistic right but hoole. LOL none of the doctors wanted to release me they wanted to keep me and as they said Morphine me up to keep me comfortable. I did not come all this way to die in some hospital bed no thank you I will go home and be with my family and go out like a man. Then a few weeks Later (KEITH) Ashland Alabama Do something about this or shall I say about my dad or I swear I will haunt that town and everyone in it till the end of time.
           My sister Renee and I have never really gotten along for any length of time. Just like my other brother I have always felt that they hated or resented me for some god awful reason that I have never been able to figure out but on the way home while my mom was off using the restroom Renee told me Thank You for taking care of MOM the way you do. And thank you for being there for her when noone else could or would. I think her seeing my dad know desperate she sees what I have been doing for the past two and a half years know and shes starting to appriciate what and who I am in the aspects of the food chain. LOl All BS aside her saying that coming from her of all people meant more to me than anything on this earth and was one of the best gifts I could receive outside of heaven. My heavenly father has already told me that I would be rewarded in heaven but the way I see it he gives some rewards ahead of time. Thank you Renee before death you have given me one of the lords heavenly gifts and I will hold on to that in my heart till the end of time. You made me cry but those tears my heavenly father took from me in the truck that day but promised to give them back on my return.More to Come but for know I say to you all find your God and make piece with him and be good to one another because we are all we have. Catch Me If You CanNN!! And Keep Looking Up Because That's Where It All Is!! I'm Cory Triplett known as Protect The Innocent and Commander Cory and The War Room Commander on Facebook for War On The Internet and Cory's App Outhouse. Just Google Me You Will Find My Work Somewhere on The Web. I am All Over It. It My WEB!! Cory's OUT!!        

Sunday, August 14, 2016

My Little Baby Brother Keith Allen ( Taz ) Triplett 8-27-1971 To 8-6-2016 R.I.P. Keith

I wasn't sure if any of his pictures were going to be in here so you need to give me a minute to clear my mind. Ok I'm back took me a minute. This might be a little hard for some of you that know me but just bear with me I had to get this out while it is still fresh on my mind. Mind this I haven't slept in three long weeks.
      My Twin brother Keith Allen ( Taz ) Triplett passed away on August 6th of 2016. Just three weeks shy of our 45th Birthday. There has been maybe a dozen or so days that have gone by in this life that me and my brother didn't talk to each other on a daily basis about everything from girls to politics to what ever but we always picked up the phone and called each other one way or another. I can't for the life of me remember one time where Keith failed to end each and every conversation with I Love You Cory and Don't you forget that. I told you this was going to be hard. See back in I think it was 2005 or so I died. I died they tell me 8 times on the tabel. Well when that happens you get a whole knew perspective on life and what life is about and I shared this with my twin brother and my family where you can't fear death when you already know where you are going.
        Call me crazy I really don't care but I tell everyone that since that day I say I walk with the angels because I can walk and talk with the angels because I might have left heaven to come back hear and finish some unfinished business but heaven never left me nor I left them. There is no greater peace in a mans soul to be able to feel the presents of the father at every turn and when a man knows he is on the right path of the father you are filled with that inner peace that can not be replaced by anything on this earth. I tell my Father in Heaven that I am nothing without him. I tell him that on a daily basis.
       Me and Keith led seperate lives but the same. I really don't know how it all turned out that way but Keith after rehab went to go stay with my dad and took over the role of a caregiver and I was hear in Texas doing the same for my mother. I told my twin brother that when I died I saw God and we had a disagrement about weither or not I was going to go forward or not. I couldn't leave my mother like this. The last time we had spoken we had gotten in this huge argument and I was not going anywhere until I mad it right. Oh really, Don't think your supposed to speak to the father in such a manner. But either or he proceeded to show me what I thought was real and things that where not real. To be more plain the people in my life that were real friends or so I thought and the ones that where not and I will tell you this it is the most heartbreaking thing to think you have friends and to find out what they really think about you when they can't hide there thoughts. Sometimes I thank him for that gift but sometimes it turns into a curse to feel what a person really thinks especially when it comes from a friend or family. That is one of the reasons why I have absolutely no friends as of this moment. Keith my brother was the only true friend I had left on this planet.
           Keith was the most generous down to earth man you could ever meet. He had his faults just like we all do in one way or another. I think both of us had our weaknesses for Beer and our Dallas CowBoys. I'm sure everyone can relate. But Keith went his way to be there to help my dad and I was on this end trying to help my mom which has been trying to have that knee surgury done for two years know but as usual she has been putting it off till I start getting something in with the appeals I have been fighting with social security administration right know. Hell I don't know anymore but they tell me I should be able to work but the ER last time I was in there told me I had at best 5 more years left and I was rapidly loosing blood and they didn't know why but they had to give me 6 units of blood because I was passing out. They tell me I need to get a lawyer but if I had the money for a lawyer don't you think I would have used that in the past 2 and half years to find me a good doctor. Getting off subject just a little hear but Keith had a anurism that made keith bleed out. But Keith told me a few months back that he was going to die and I just blew him off because the was I saw it I was going to go before anyone else. By the way the reason I died in the first place was because of over doing it on the pain killers for my back which caused a ulser to explode in my stomack that took one month in ICU and 6 months in recovery. After recovery life really had some changes for me like getting on the internet and being targeted by Facebook and Publishers Clearinghouse Scammers not to leave out google too which had a pretty good size hand in the pie.
        Todd Sloane and the Prize Patrol Team had set me up to be taken out by the scammers and my first scammer a Facebook employee was being hidden by Facebook Security itself. Even after I discover the coverup and that they where blocking me from finding Roper DawnMichelle they still did nothing about her or the other one Luanne Carr that I had gotten a full confession from and they still walk with Facebook telling me that they are not violating any Facebook policies. Fraud is not violating any policies how about the Law. There Will Be More Let You Ponder on That One Take A Break Be Back In A Minute.

Monday, July 18, 2016

War On The Internet

This is a perfect discription of how I felt on most days. Doing the lords work but it was a very thankless job.I Did make some friends in all of this but most of them I think had there own agenda or worked for the other side. For those of my friends that need some kind of comfermation as to my health. Here goes but I'm only going to tell it one last and final time, About 6 to 7 years ago I had what could be basically described as a ruptured ulser inside my intestines. All of it together where the side effects of many years of over doing it on the pain killers the doctors where prescribing for my messed up back that I had broken in my 20's. Needless to say I have been in a huge amount of pain my entire life. So those warning labels on the prescription bottle that tell you don't do this, but do this. Those warning labels are there for a reason. When it says don't drink alcholic beverages while taking this medication. That does not mean only a 6 pack or take it easy on this medication. It means absolutely no alcholic beverages at all. No Beer, No Wine, No Nothing. Sorry Guys Just Saying. So when this hiden time bomb went off in my stomack, hell I didn't even now. I had severe back pain all the time so I just caried on as usual. I had a vacation I was getting ready to go on. Yea right, I spent that entire week in bed. Sure enough I would start to work after my vacation on the weekend. Long story short I ended up in the ER in crocket and they said by the time they got to me I was already blue because everything I eat and drank turned to poisons because when the ulser exploaded it took out both sides of my itestines. After the many surgeries that night, they said I died 8 times on the table. He showed me a picture of my surgical team. All in a circle holding hands that night saying a prayer before they went back in for another round of surgeries. I only remembered dieing once but that does really matter does it(LOL). Well when I died I remember the other side like it just happened yesterday. I remember being very stuborn and didn't want to move on without making piece with my mother. You see, throughout my entire life my mother has been my center focus point throughout my entire life so when the good lord said he had a mission for me but wanted me to hear it out fully before I made my final decision. He said My oldest brother Donny was getting ready to be called back home and did I want to take over his job for a while lookiing out for my mother. That a few years down the road she was going to severly need my help. Well Hell yea, so what's the job.
Now the time frame up there and here are totally different. For what I was told a month here in ICU was to me there like two years. So I got out of ICU and went through about 6 months of recovery before I went back to work which I should never have done. That's niether here nor there. Donny passed away about a year later.
So in the time since then I went back to work for Fast Food Restraunt Management. Like I said I shouldn't have gone back to work. Around May to June two years ago my bodily functions started shutting down on me one by one. To the point where I couldn't control myself at work but it wouldn't have surprised me either if my main boss and her assistant were slipping me something in my drinks or food that would have done that to me either. They both were lesbian women that hated the ground I walked on. So after about 25 to 30 years of service to this company and others, again dedicated my life to the job. They won't even let me leave with a little bit of the dignaty that I brought to the job each and everyday. My district manager here in Palestine asked me for a letter of resignation. Sorrry after 30 years on the job serving the public which I loved each and every single day. My health had mad it where I couldn't control the restroom aspect of a persons body as you are standing up and they basically wanted me to quit or until I saw a doctor. By the time I made it to see this doctor here in town my job had cancelled my insurance and because of that then the doctor refused to see me again because of me being a new patient and now having to reshedule. So after all of this I went ahead and started filling for Social Security Disability Benifits. That was two years ago and after appeal after appeal they never sent me to a medical doctor but I had a Phycologist doctors appointment about two or three weeks ago. Which is good because all this time alone fighting my war on the internet and social security I think I was going out of my mind. The walls starting to cave in on me and talk back if that makes any since but you try and spend two years on this and when it first started with that Facebook Employee Roper DawnMichelle which they hid her off and now call her a Facebook Claims Agent. I never would have found out even that she really existed if I hadn't turned myself into a webmaster. Studying App and Web Development and Deployment and design which was not an easy task even for me which I alreadty had a degree of Association of Electrical Engineering. I was there back in the 90's during the historic rise and development of what is now called the web. I saw the birth of the entire thing from start to finish.`
So now I'm here been doing all this hard work for the people which is very unappriciated and noone listens but I do it for the people.  I say they don't listen is because even though I tell them what's going on. (Don't Listen) These people make the same mistakes over and over again. It's like how many times do you have to be told if you walk accross the street with that steak in your hand that big neighbors dog is going to chase you everytime. I told these people where they where coming from, who they where, phone numbers, some cases addresses, where they where targeting there victims persisly(aka Publishers Clearinghouse Fan Page, Todd Sloane Fan Page, Danielle Lam(presise post comments), ect ect. Back then the Prize Patrol Team would go out of there way to block anything that even mentions online scams or scammer attempts. Danielle Lam actually said this(Don't put that crap on my page because it puts me in a bad mood). After I got through fealing sorry for myself I found this little old lady in Florida(some of my inspiration that has kept me going) that was on there Fan page beging someone to give her answers and it reminded me of myself earlier that year begging someone to tell me if this scammer worked for there company or not because they where wanting money to give money. Takes money to make money right. Same thing in the gaming world exept all the top executives turn there backs as the subornance rob and fraud the people because our government if you want to call it that is looking the other way. I don't know if there getting paid to do that or Obama just has a messed up administration. If my boss the Americian People came in and saw that kind of insubornant failure as a federal office on one administration of the FBI's Cyber Crime Unit or the other administration it really wouldn't matter. Just because he was a messed up president what was your excuses for gross deglegence in Americian Cyber Justice. The way I see it It's going to take a lot of hard hard work for you guys to even come close to getting the trust or support of the cyber community which I am a part and a creating founder you pricks. Do you realize after you the, FBI's Cyber Crime Unit, turned your back on our people after we told them you could be trusted and yes I was there to and remember the conversation. The difference between me and all the rest of you is unlike you I have kept my promisses to protect the people. Al Gore said back then that the governments job on the internet was to protect the people from themselves. We, myself and most of my friends, schoolmates, engineers, collegues, fellow disigning engineers. We did not ask to patient this or that because it was understood it was going to be for the benifit of the web and world as a whole when it was done. We did not ask if something had a copywrite on it. If a fellow engineer had a question he knew all he had to do was pick up the phone. They said when it was all over that all of us(Engineers were all going to be so rich we wouldn't worry about one little patent like the design of the web. You know small like that we could just give it away to the government persay and in the big picture it would all come back to us. They also made a promise that had we not done it that noone would be able to protect the web like the government could and would. First of all they government you failed on your side of the bagan and has failed and failed misserably to protect the americian people and I now want my web back and all of it's royalities to this point plus intrest or you get your act together and protect these people. I won't live long enough to collect but you mind me and protect the people from themselves, you hear me. Ok next I'm going to tell you how Facebook and Google got me started to turn right around and steal my pages or my royalities. For those of you at Facebook and Google that thought I was just some hot headed disabled person you coould just walk on. My professor from college the one that taught me Jermi(My Active X) program and everything I know about engineering. He's still alive, till next break time till about 8 or 9am.

A final Farwell

During the course of these past two years I have to admit they weren't all good times. When I'm investigated for my legacy in all of this you will find some weeks I cought myself working online sometimes for more than 60 to 100 hours a week. This project devoued me and everything about me. That's part of the reason I wasn't able to see myself getting sick again. When I worked in the mainstream workforce as a Restraunt manager, I worked alot of hours and let the job take over my life but that wasn't anything compared to the obsesion for justice and the strive to get the word out and get people to listen so the could protect themselves against these people and as I used to say use knowlege of there activities as a weopen against them if only the public new. The problem I found was noone wanted to listen until it hit them where they lived or people they loved. What do you do. I fought this battle on my own unfunded this entire time. Still fighting social security to no evail and by the time I get my social security benifits it will be to late. So I'm going to go to my grave knowing my mother has had to support me for the past two years of my life while social security drags there feet till I'm gone. As for the public I'm sorry if I come accross a little bitter but in the two years. Thousands of you called and wrote and asked my advice and my help which I willingly gave and gave freely because my good lord father had commanded me to do so. None of you not even the churches that knew my situation ever lifted a finger to help myself or my family out no matter that I told the public every aspect of my life and gave up my life to the public because my lord called me to do it but for you christians out there and my father tells me I can tell you this know that it's over and he's calling me to go home. When the lord commanded me to a mission of service to the people to help while all this was going on. I gave you the people two very long years of sevice and extreme dedication to the protection of the Americian public because as I saw it and still do we have a threat. When god gives you a calling it is not meant to be a punishment or to put you in the poor house or go hungry. Not one of you or you churches ever lifted a finger to help me and I don't know if it was because you thought I was lieing or just didn't like me or my cause but either way it goes now these people are poping up all over the world doing the same thing and you could of hel;ped me stop it but dicided that you were in no immediate danger. Well now they are to big to control or capture and all you had to do back then was help and listen to me. I have less than a year to go so I don't get to watch it but to all of you good luck and god bless.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

A final farwell

For those of you that need an introduction my name is Cory Triplett. I am known on and around the web as Protect The Innocent and Commander Cory and when this first started The War Room Commander. I run and organize my watchdog group and pages known as War On The Internet. I was turning my many web pages on Facebook and Google Plus and many more into a book but good Lord has had other plans for me. He's calling me home more sooner than later. For those of you that now me you know I'm good with that. I had already died a few years back and he gave me the opertunity and privialedge to come back and spend some time with my mother. At the time when I first died me and my mother weren't getting along and now we are almost inseperabile. He gave me the chance to make my piece with her and I wouldn't replace these past 5 to 6 years for anything in the world. Nothing in this world is perminate and I new when I came back I was a repair job on a very small rope. During this time I encountered this women in the picture a Facebook employee and online scammer who as to this date has been hiden away from prosecution because of Facebook, Google, and Publishers Clearinghouse's unusual ability to be above the Law. She was the first one of about 35 scammer attempts against me not including the threats on myself and my family which landed me in a underground hiding organization that hid and protected me for almost a year.. Unfortuntaly I won't be able to see her or her partners in crime find justice like I would have wanted to see. The Doctors have given me between one month and a year. They say my organs are shuting down and if all else fails my heart was going to give out because it hasn't been able to compensate from the pull of my failing Luns.