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Saturday, March 19, 2016

War On The Internet: Facebook's Response

War On The Internet: Facebook's Response: After Luanne stopped talking that night I figured either she got scarred and was talking to this husband she was so eager to tell me about. Facebbok sent me a message a couple of weeks after to inform me that they told Todd Sloane that I had reported him for using a fake account. This is the same scammer network that Facebook has been informed that they had threatened my life and that of my family. I'm thinking first of all did Facebook just have a brain fart or what just happened. Did they forget who I am and or what I've been through. The way it's starting to look to me is that they like it when bad things happen my way because it improves there ratings. I know for a fact they have set me up in the same ways that Todd Sloane had set me up for the scammers to come at me with my deffense system down or incomplete. But I got one even better than that one for you folks. Some of you don't seem to want to listen until it affects you or something really drastic happens to me. Well some of you remember the story of my first Scammer the same one that said she works for Facebook and Facebook said she didn't and showed me a picture of the real Facebook employee named Roper Dawnmichelle a 50 something year old women that works for facebook and as it turns out that was all part of facebook's coverup story because I went into Facebook under a friends profile and looked up the name to see if by chance Facebook was blocking me from finding out the Truth. Lord oh Lord what did I find under that name besides the real Roper Dawnmichelle. A Facebook employee or Ececutive that not only works for Facebook but works here in my home state so I mean not only did they lie to me and are responsible for covering up her true idenity and taking the evidence or some of it that I had on her but failed to mention she lives and works only a few hours from me. I spent a good part of a year in hiding because of what this women and her hiden organization did to me and the threats against myself and my family. They'll all tell you that there not involved when all the evidence that I have been showing ya'll over the course of about a year and a half proves exactly what I have been saying. I recieved a letter from my page called Facebook Security Notifications from a women telling me the one thing that I never wanted to hear again that Facebook executives have started it all over again. Facebook employees calling themselves claim agents are starting there tricks all over again just like in the begining with me and Roper. I figured as much as I and my people have put the word out as to whats been going on and how there doing it that you people would have learned by our mistakes and failures. was at one point trying to block any and all reports about these activities but know I think they have come on board to try and help the situation even if they tryed to claim credit for my work. I really don't care how they do it as long as it gets done. I really need all the help I can get and with facebook and Google blocking alot of my publications I need the publicity were and when ever i can get it. It's a big web and little old me has limited resources and with no outside help or finances I take help were ever and when ever I can find it. Just in case some of you have forgotten this War On The Internet has been and is about you and your online safety from these preditors. As of yet I have yet to see anyone actually concerned or willing to help until it hits you or someone that you know or Love. In the begining I had Danielle Lamb saying she didn't want any reports on her fan page about this subject because it was to depressing and know it's all she talks about. My question is this either she all of a sudden got hit with a consious or someone she knows got hit by one of them but either way it goes I say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help and consideration in the War On The Internet. Just so you know Danielle that we could not have made it this far without your help. It's discouraging when you hear that all your work has been useless so unlike me I want to tell you that your work with us has not gone unoticed or unapriciated and I will forever be in your dept in how ever much time the good lord has left for me here. Me and my people do not forget and we do value honest friendship just like we do loyalty and respect. For Todd Sloane in my eyes he will always be the back stabing weasel that me and my organization knows him for and what he did to me setting me up. Like I said we never forget and Todd Sloane of we will NEVER FORGIVE. Till the day I see your but hauled off to prison for what you did to me. That is the day I dream of and prey for. As to Facebook, hum what shall we do what shall we do. There own Facebook Security is responsible for the cover up of one of there own. By there own words say these scammers have not violated any facebook policies and you still do not think there involved in all of this and know they have started a whole new round of attacks against Facebook loyal customers and or Fans of Facebook. The government needs to finally step up and do there job and do an official investigation into facebook itself and there so called security team and employees present and past because I promise you will find exemployees had left the company because this underground illegal network paid more money to the right people. As always this has been Cory Triplett Known as Protect The Innocent for War On The Internet reporting from Cory's App Outhouse. You can also catch me at, God Bless and Be Safe so Catch Me If You CanNNNNNN!!!!!!!! Cory's OUT!!!
 The Real and existing Roper Dawnmichelle that Facebook was so good at hiding from me. As you can say just released the devil in my my sworn enemy of the state. Be watching because this ain't over it has just begun. Find out what Protect The Innocent really means by WarOn The Internet!!

Facebook's Response

After Luanne stopped talking that night I figured either she got scarred and was talking to this husband of hers she was so eager to make sure I knew she had like it really would have made a difference to me. I personally really don't care if a Facebook Scammer was married or not and why would I care unless her was helping her set up these Cons. By talking to her I really doubt she could have done this on her own. I think she was a little mentally chalenged. My only assumption on that is that she witnessed the real operation and decided that she was going to take a little piece of the pie. That would be the only way that she would have gotten my name and not known who I was. It was like all she knew is I was a target everyone in the organization was after. She thought they meant a easy target but in reality they were all after me because none of them as of yet has been able to crack this good ole Texas Boy. They just don't realize that I'm raised old school from some of the roughest streets america has or had to offer. I'm a retired ole "G" from the Folks Street Gang During the Arkansas Street Wars Of The 90's. There ain't a whole lot I haven't seen or heard.
                After that night I pretty much just sat on my hands waiting on a response from Facebook to tell me what happened because when I reported her I also asked Facebook to inform me of the progress of the case. I did that mostly because of my past dealings with them when we were dealing with there so called employee Roper DanielleMichelle. I have more on that in a moment. About two weeks after I got a response letter in my Facebook Email from Facebook Security," Stating This". 
                   Mr. Cory Triplett we thank you for your insight into Facebook Security and your report on Todd Sloane and the fake accounts using his name and profile. We have informed Todd Sloane of your report and have told him that you have reported him for using a fake account. As we see it we can know consider this case closed and if you have anymore problems on Facebook don't hesitate to contact our team at Facebook Security.
                 I don't know about you but I was blown away. First of all more than anything else all BS aside this was the same Facebook Security that knew and knows there biggest scammer the one that I had nicknamed "The Viper" had threatened my life and that of my family and they turned around and told them I was the one that reported the organization if you want to call it that. What ever happened to Confidentuality of the informant. Were they trying to get me hurt or I'll just say it like there involved all the way down to the Core. Like I've always said these people were and are embedded into there organization because it's there people involved. Either current Facebook and employees past or present. These scammers weren't equipped with nothing they have the most current intelligence information that was available. At the time when I figured that one out they had New release information within minutes of the release and there was no way that could be done without someone on the inside of both organizations.
                   Next part just throwing this out there but if Todd Sloane at was involved in help setting this Fake Account up for Luanne Carr witch would be the only way that Facebook could have tied it to him if Facebook had actually done a real investigation like I have been doing for more than a year. Then he's guilty of the crime before and after the fact. That would really be bad finding out that those three public figures are involved in organized crime defrauding the Americian People. The one thing I've been saying since the beginning of this. My people that I listen to the Americian people have asked me to scream one thing for the little guy. Corporate Accountability, They say no matter who you are or how popular you are or how much money you are if you were or are involved in this they want them held accountible for there crimes and actions or inactions just as if they were one of us. In translation if you knew it was going on and did nothing and by doing nothing you allowed this criminal act to go on and hurt innocent people in a large scale plan or plot you are just as guilty as the people committing the act themselves and should be held accountable just as if you were the one doing it yourself. In the eyes of the Law we call that a crime before and after the fact. The companies that supported the criminal act such as Facebook and and know were coming into information through this Luanne Carr that a gaming company known as FarmVille2 might also have ties into this organization are Criminally and Civilily Liable for the actions of there employees that they are representing when they have been commiting these acts while they were on and off your clock.
               This Luanne Carr when I investigated her real profile was covered with people in and around that gaming company. Know that has failed to arrest her she has grown more and more bold to the point she has been taunting me sending me game invites to the FarmVille2. I'm sure her husband has informed her who I am know and there all having a good laugh over it know that they know that Facebook either isn't doing anything about it or Facebook is one of them. According to Facebook Security they say these fake accounts such as the one Luanne Carr came at me with are not violating ant Facebook Policys. First of all I haven't read all of Facebook's Policies but how is Scamming other users not Violating Facebbok Policys. If that is so Facebook is not the Facebook I thought it was back in the beggining. I am one of the first people ever signed on to Facebook back in the very beggining. I have been a Facebook Publisher almost every since that day. I can't really remember looking at a regular Facebook outlook. I've always had what you would call a Publishers Console. So AGAIN Facebook How Do You Consider Scamming Your Customers Or Friends Not Violating Facebook Policy.
              Next lets Talk about my first Facebook Scammer Named Roper DawnMichelle that said she was a Public Relations Rep for Facebook. I have a update on that one Next so look for my Next Called Roper In Texas. Till Then this has been Cory Triplett known as Protect The Innocent for War On The Internet reporting from Cory's App Outhouse at, and, so Catch Me If You CanNNNN!!!!!! Cory's Out!!! God Bless and be Safe. KEEP LOOKING UP BECAUSE THAT'S WERE IT ALL IS!!!! 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

What Side Are You On Anyway Facebook


Cory Triplett known as Protect The Innocent reporting from Cory's App Outhouse at, Here a few months back I reported on a Scammer that I busted out and in this fortunate intance she ended up confessing all. After reporting this women (Luanne Carr) on Facebook to the Facebook Security Personnel at the moment it was going on. Not only did they fail to arrest her or do anything about it even though she confessed all to me. 

                She was useing Todd Sloane's profile picture as her own. Using Todd Sloane's profile picture and calling herself ToddSloanatpch she attempted to tell me I had won 200 thousand dollar from But I guess she didn't know who I was or how long I have been doing this but I logged out of my facebook account and came back in under another account. Then I went into that profile she was using. That's when I discovered that there was only one friend in Todd Sloane's friend list. I thought to myself that surely Todd Sloane of Publishers Clearing House C.E.O. and Public Figure is going to have more than just one friend Right. 
              So that's when I decided to take a stab in the dark and maybe this one friend is my scammer that I've been hunting for or possibly even the "The Viper" which was the one that threatened the lives of myself and my family.So I told her that I knew this was a scam and that they have come for me many many times before and she was going to be like the rest in that you were getting nothing from me. And not only that but I know who you are Luanne Carr. I think I scared the crap out of her. That's why it took her so long to write back.
               When she finally came back I think she said something smart like so what you got me what are you going to do. I told her what you mean going to do I've already done it. I contacted Facebook Security just as soon as I got your friend request and besides I know the real Todd Sloan's profile like the back of my hand including all of his friends. I told her she must be crazy if she thought I had gone this far without figuring out how to pick apart a person's profile. Especially a profile that keeps coming at me like Todd Sloane has. As all of this was going on I was informing Luanne that she had better be getting ready to go to jail because the authorities were probably on there way if they weren't already there. That's when she told me she was married. I'm like do you really think I could have sympathy for you or any of your people. I don't care if your married and if so I already feel sorry for the man and you can tell him how much of a piece of crap he married. I guess I probably shouldn't have said that, but you go through what these people have put me and my family through and then just maybe then you can tell me what I should have or should not of said in the heat of the moment. I still walk on the right side of the law and the heavenly father.
             So now that I have one of them as I'm thinking I'm going to try to get some answers some for me and some for the movement or cause what ever you want to call it. Everyone's different but I ask her. Before the Law Dogs get there answer me this one question. She said ok what is it. I said just tell me why and why me and why are ya'll and have gone after me. I said I have No enemies or at least none that I know of and I hurt no one so why are ya'll coming at me so hard. I said as in ya'll answer that one once and for all are you and your organization organized as in all working together and if so do the Americian people a favor and stop them from hurting anyone else by telling the authorities who they are and were they are and lets end this once and for all. 
              By us still being here fighting this war without the help of the authorities I might add. You can just assume that she didn't. As for me and why the only thing she could say was it was because I was a pervert. LOL, I said WTF are you kidding you crazy B.....!! You don't even know me or anything about me> She then went on to tell me how much fun it was to play with me. That was when I started to put things together when she said PLAY with me. I'll explain more on that on my next post were I think the word play comes in and her profile was covered in people that works for or ran the gaming company Farmville2.
              Shortly after she finally stopped talking and it was a good thing because the good Lord was having a hard time controlling my temper talking to this crazy women. I thought she was crazy nothing compares to what happened next. So I wait and wait for a response from Facebook Security to find out what happened or what didn't happen. Then about two weeks after facebook sends me a message. Watch for next post Called Facebook Response. Love Ya'll thanks for those of you that do pay attention. Cory Triplett Known as Protect The Innocent for War On The Internet reporting from Cory's App Outhouse at, and, Catch Me If You CanNNNNN!!!!! God Bless and be safe KEEP LOOKING UP BECAUSE THAT'S WERE IT ALL IS CORY'S OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE YOU AMERICIAN STRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Monday, March 7, 2016

My beautiful Army Officer Girlfriend I Was So Proud and in Love

I'm popping this in but thanks a lot guys my Face is all puffy been crying for hours trying to get through that my heartest post. That one Really Hit home but if I didn't do it I would have been misuable for the rest of my life and the VIPER would have won screw that thank y'all for pudding me into it I hope it was as much a blessing to you as it was to me Later Continue Lol. For those of you playing catch up with us from last time. My girl Alex just confessed that she was in the Army which I already knew but that she was actually in Afghanistan on the front lines. I was trying to be cautious anyway so I remember thinking I was OK with it. Not for the danger part of it but that would mean we had more time to take it slow and I was defiantly down with that. Rose and I had been divorced by this time some 15 or more years and after the three affairs she had I defiantly had some trust issues with women. It was bad enough that after the divorce I had to spend a couple of years in therapy.
That was also during the time from that she disappeared for about four years. Rose and I had some major issues back then. For those of you that have been keeping up. This was right after the gang wars. We both did what we had to do to get out of there one alive and two with all your scruples or should I say morals. All the girls I've dated since then have told me I guess that I'm a messed up individual or that I'm still in Love with Rose. That's kinda funny because when I was married I was always being accused of not showing her enough attention.
           When I first started talking to Alex or should I say communicating, she used to tell me that she was going to show me how a women was supposed to treat a man. She was going to open my heart and sole up for love again. I used to poke at her and tell her the heart was like a water well. If it hadn't been used in a long while it was probably all dried up and even if there was still water in there at the least it probably wasn't drinkable. She seemed to be a good women with good christian values. That by the way was how we first met anyway. We both were fans of the preacher Joel Olstean and reposted some of his sermons. At least that's what she said got her attention. She said it was a breath of fresh air to see a man that could be a spiritual man and still stand on his own two feet. In other words a man that can act like a man and still keep his spirituality and hold true his convictions and beliefs.
We were into our sixth or seventh month of talking or messenger when she popes the question. She asked me to open a Chase bank account so that if her son got sick she could send him money. Alex said that Chase was the only bank the government could use were she was at in Afghanistan. She said all I would have to do was just open the account up and give her the account numbers and she would take care of the rest. I'm thinking take care of all of it then. At that moment was when I started to get sick again. Even sick I had good judgement. Something just rubed me wrong about the whole thing. Her being in the military you would think she would have understood that I couldn't do that especially for someone I had never met face to face. Everyone around here kept telling me that I was crazy and I had a fantasy girlfriend. She was a figment of my imagination. I told her that I would do it but I kept coming up with excuses why I couldn't drive all the way to Tyler Texas the only place that had a Chase bank around here. The tention about the whole thing was making me sicker and sicker. Before I knew it I was being Care-a-flighted to Tyler Texas for another set of major surgeries. This set ended up costing me about 250 thousand dollars. I spent round about three months in there. Mother Francis Hospital was probably one of the best hospitals I had ever been to.
I tried to look Alex up when I got out but could not get a answer from her messenger and there haddent been any activities on her Facebook page.
        That's when it hit me. I got a phone call from this women in New York. She said she was Alex's sister. The one that was taking care of her son.
        She asked me how long had it been since I had heard from Alex. I told her that it had been a while since I had been in the hospital. Right as soon as she asked me that I knew something was very wrong about this. It felt like my insides just dropped out of my gut.
        That's when she told me. Alex's squad was out on patrol when they got ambushed coming back in. I told her that sometimes when they did these manovers. I wouldn't hear from her for two maybe three weeks at a time. Now everything was starting to make since now. Normally when she was getting ready for a dangerous mission she would pick a fight with me before she left, as she would put it, to see if I cared. When she got back we always made up like nothing happened.
       Her sister said she wanted to fly down here in person to tell me but she couldn't because of Alex's son was afraid of flying and she didn't want to put him through any more than he was already going through losing his mother and all.
         She said she had to be the one to tell me because that's what she would of wanted. She said every time she talked to Alex. I was all she could talk about. Alex told her that I was her little Texas Cowboy. I'm far from a Cowboy but OK. Its a Dallas Texas thing and I was good with that. I told her that when the boy grew up to tell him that Alex had confessed to me that she always had a dream that she would be killed in the line of fire in the military. She said she had her beautiful son and that's why she joined the military was to fulfill her destiny. It was nothing like a death wish it was that she was a spiritual women and like myself I believe this with all my heart. If you know were and how your supposed to die if you try to cheat that you cheat the meaning of life. And possibly miss your window to the blessing of the good lords light and grace. I believe everybody has a purpose in life and your given only a select amount of opportunities to make your escape out of this life and into the kingdom of heaven. Alex like I believed it wouldn't be fair to try and cheat death because if you miss his window maybe his window was his way of giving you a less painful route out of this life and the one comes up next would be very painful and the good lord gave you a merciful way out and you have to respect that no matter who you are. "In His Name I Prey" and may you rest in piece my sweat "United States Army Officer Alice Justice Garcia" Well that's why it took me so long to tell it. Not to mention about a month after she passed The Scammers tryed to use her against me. Lord knows how they found out about her but they didn't realize I already knew she was dead. They tryed to tell me she was critically injured and she needed money to survive while she was going through rehabilitation. They didn't realize that I had already gone threw the VIPER there best and after that they couldn't rattle my chains for nothing. I was now the best and that's why so many of them came at me and came at me hard with both gloves off. I'll tell you like I told them. Do you know why I always win. By winning I mean they couldn't take me because I always had the good lord on my side. If it was a lie or a scam I didn't have to prove it right then the lord told me they were throwing there trash my way ( there lies). With him in my corner the best lier and Con-Artist couldn't take me. I'm not saying it didn't hurt when they told me that I won 200 thousand dollars. But I survived and my mother was OK with me not being able to pay for her knee surgery. Lol but we got through it and so will you. All you need is this formula and you can do anything. Just say these words. "Let Go and Let God" That will fix everything. I told him when I try to do things my way I always mess things up so now let's do it a little different. Its your turn lord and we'll see how fare we go and how much were able to accomplish and how well. And I bet your able to do this thing we call life with dignity and Love and Respect. Till next time folks y'all have a great night and be safe and god bless. Catch Me If You CanNNN!!!! Cory Triplett known as Protect The Innocent for War On The Internet reporting from Cory's App Outhouse! At, and,, Now Y'all Keep Looking Up Because That's Where It All Is!!!!!!Cory Triplett

Saturday, March 5, 2016

My baby Girl

I'm going to start this story out by giving you fair warning its very sad and unfortunately for me its true. Some of my fans and followers might know the story. I've only told it once or twice because even to this day is painful to talk about but it needs to be told so the people one understand why I'm so motivated in my fight on the War On The Internet and two understand that the will resort to anything in the arsenal of weapons(information) against you to get what they (the and Facebook Scammers) want from you.
     Before all of this started with me and and the Facebook Scammers back when I was still working as a Fast Food manager for McDonalds I was rooming with another one of my managers. Philip PJ Hussle he called himself, real good friend but sometimes things just happen that friendships can't survive. I was working one shift and he was working another but I was transportation for both. Needless to say I hardly ever slept and back then was after the first round of surgeries and before my health just pretty much slipped away from me.
I was setting in my car on my (as usual) browsing around Facebook passing the time waiting on PJ to get off work when I got a friend request from Alice Justice Garcia. She sent me a message that said something like " I liked your post it set me back because its so rare to see a man that can be a man in the spirit and in life also would like to be friends if you'll except". Who could say no to that right. So after we started talking she said what got her attention was that we both liked and reposted a lot of Joel Olstean the preachers sermons.
After about a month or two she finally told me that she was in New York and she was in the Army and had a 8 year old son. OK at least she was single I remember thinking. I told her I was in no rush for anything. I told her I hadn't been in any kind of real relationship since my ex wife and I divorced in the mid 90's. I told her that most of the girls I been with had left because they said I was either ruined by my ex wife or that I was still in love with her.
Alice then told me she was going to be the one to change that and put some hurt on this, as said good looking Texas Boy. We got a good laugh at that. In the time after that I can't really remember how or when I started failing in Love with her. This women I had never met and up to then hadn't even seen a picture of her. About month 6 or so, I was presuring her to maybe meet or talk on the phone or even send me a picture so I could at least see who I was talking to right.
That's when she hit me with it. Not only was she in the Army, she was in the war. I know that we've been in war for a few years now. Hell I can still remember were I was when I heard about 9-11. I was a waiter in Dallas and my Morning show "Kidd Kradick In The Morning" woke me up screaming if you can hear the sound of my voice. Wake up right now and turn on your TV's you are not going to believe what's going on around America. Were under attack so get up right now.
I tell her I know that. I'm in Texas not under a Rock what's your point. She said Cory "Baby" your not hearing me or your not listening. She said I live in New York, I didn't lie about that. She said when I say I'm in the war means I'm here on the front lines in Afghanistan. She said she was the Ammunitions Officer in her division and the reason she couldn't talk to me on the phone was because cell phones were strictly forbidden but they didn't know she had one. She said they were forbidden because they could give there position away to the enemy. Alice said she kept hers off most of the time but she had to have it in case something happened with her son and that her sister was watching for her back in New York. Just in case they needed something. OK I gusess. She promised not to keep anything else from me again and sent me a few pictures of her. She said it was to tie me over until she got another leave and could come see me. She said it wouldn't be no more than a couple more months till her next leave and I was going to be her first stop when she reached state side. All sounded good but even back then I kinda had this weard dealing that something just wasn't right.
All I knew at this point was I was in love again for the first time in years. I was proud she was in our war on terrism. Maybe know I could put all this speculation that I was still in love with my exwife behind me right. Oh no life is never that easy were you think you have the lords plan for you all figured out. That's when it all started. You wouldn't believe what she asked me to do.
Read my next Post and I'll tell you what she asked me to do.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Cory's App OutHouse Remix

The Development Community has so graciously given us the Social Networking App! I'm just going to just come right out and say it. Are you kidding do we look stupid to you guys. Oh I'm sorry I forgot I had to be hanging around for a year before you'll even let someone speak in your forum. I put that memo with the others from your forum in the trash along with the guy I heard in one of your Development Forums say he was tired of these young peoples stupid questions and he needed to sit over there and basically shut up until he had something worthwhile to contribute. Sorry guys here I go again before I get started on that guy. Its a did because they think there fooling us into believing that one App for all is going to solve your Speed and Memory Problems it doesn't I tryed it with two different systems. And by the way did y'all even give us the curtousy of even testing this one. Come on and if you did it was with Grandma and Grandpa accounts. I started with my Google Plus accounts ( for you all not in the business this might seem like a lot but its really not) Google Plus 8 accounts, 5 Pages, 9 Collections, 4 Communities and then I was going to start on my 2 Facebook accounts. Nope Couldn't make it past the first account with less than 100 friends. I got friends not on my list with 4 to 5 thousand friends and yes I told them like I'm about to explain to you nice folks. If you have a friends list that size do you ever get tired of scrolling and give up. Well I hate to say it so do the Authorities looking for my Scammers on Facebook and FanPages. A Friend list 3 to 5 thousand you can hide a whole Profile even a page. Hell that size you could have a whole network of Pages and nobody would even know they were there not you not Facebook Security or the Lack there of (I didn't say that LMAO) not the authorities no one. I found one the other day looked like he been there so long he grew Roots. He was so comfortable he wasn't going to budge but someone told him who I was and I was about to do something, damn right he was in a friend of mines Friend list and could of got him or her shut down. Sorry to say when that happens Facebook is well within there rights to shut you down while they fish out your snake in the bushes. Get my point. So keep a close eye on your friend list and for Gods Sake be careful who you call friends. I can do it because I have two accounts interconnected and I use both of them as a weapon. They call me Commander Cory on Facebook. I have a select group of friends and were pretty much Family we went to school together as such. I know them and there family and families family. Every so often I'll take my profile and friends list and slam it into the water were only thing that can take that are those people. Were introclined guess that's a good word if anyone in there hideing we gotcha. Found quiet a few like that haven't I Facebook and those were the good old days. But as for that App developer community it bogs down every time this one had eight apps and I saw another one had 34 Social Media Sites. No No And Again Nope. Go back and try it again that one way off. Your years away from that one I'm afraid. I got a hurry up and get this done so I can get back to that Developer that don't like Stupid Questions before it eats a hole in me.
So this guy couldn't care less about me he had a hole network of pages in this 5 thousand Friend list but he could rearrange a little if Facebook Security showed up and could just adjust a little. And not like this hadden happened before Facebook informing them that they've been identified as AFake account. I never seen a entire operation stock lock and barrel pick up shop and move everything. I mean down to moving there businesses and Homes along with it. That's why I keep saying Facebook and are involved with these people and all the evidence proves it but everyone keep saying no can't be. And I'm over here like what's the matter with you can't you read.
Ok On to my Developer/Designer App Engineer Web Master Web Designer/Developer and you young pups might want to cover your ears on this one. So your tired of the stupid questions and basically told that boy to sit down and shut up till he been around long enough to put in something Relevant and meaningful I think but wipe said. First of all this business and industry that me and my homeboys built from nothing from scratch and handed over to your ungrateful ass. We always had a motto. The only stupid questions were the ones not asked. We always welcomed a good debate its what kept you on your toes and I garentee Java Script which I started the Arkatect for was not built on that kind of Lazy yea I said it Lazy mentality. It was built on brotherhood and everyone helping each other and hear this brother that's what the entire Web Principals were founded from and if you and your colleagues got that kind of mentality then one Ale Gore we want our Rights back and y'all failed to deliver on Safety and you the government failed to deliver in the prosperity department which was in the contract that we signed the web over to the government so it looks like we know own the web in its entirety again if there's any of us left still alive but me I own you know. Cory Triplett known as Protect The Innocent for War On The Internet in Cory's App OutHouse Now I'm Rich LMAO


After college I broke my back working for a convent store on the outskirts of Little Rock Arkansas. Needless to say I slipped into a little depression because of it but that gave me a lot of time on my hands. That wasn't a good thing me with time it was a dangerous combination. I got mixed up into let's just say some things I shouldn't have just in case I got kids reading this. But there were some good times in there besides Gang Banging. I got married to a very beautiful women named Rose Fajardo. Probably the only True Love of my life. I've had others but they always left because they said I was still in Love with her and she left because she said I didn't Love her enough. Its a catch 22 huh. But after college I was fascinated with the idea that everything I or anyone around us built was being destroyed by as I put it in my younger days (stupid engineers) sorry. So I developed Jerimi to go in and pick apart a program, to literally push it to its breaking point. One of the smartest men or professor I ever met told me back in the day. You will never truely learn to repair something until you learn how to break it first. He was also the one that told me the Intel 386 was coming(I think that's what it was my memory fails sometimes) but he said it was coming out and everything we had learned was going to be obsolete in about 6 months and if you wanted to stay in this business you would have to stay in school, crap that's not what I wanted to hear. As for Jerimi I made him in Two parts but they Functioned as one and communicated with each other and still to this day I still can't figure out were he was able to pull so much supplimital energy. It was like he was pulling it out of thin air sometimes. After about a year with myself and a couple Lab Rat Friends of mine he was finished. I was going to be Rich and my Lab Rats worked for other things I supplied. Get my point now but in trying to get ready to market him I was growing increasingly paranoid that someone was going to try and steal him if they knew what I had so at first I put a Security Program in him for him to only respond to my voice. Oh no that wasn't enough for me so then I killed his kill switch. In my way of thinking back then was so if he was stollen he would destroy himself and any projects he was working on.
Well in the next couple of years after Little Rock Arkansas would go through its roughest time in the history of the city. The Little Rock Gang Wars witch I was smack dab in the middle of it. These weren't just my street brothers and sisters. These were my family by marriage. They actually were featured on a HBO Special called Gang Bangin In Little Rock. I remember the night the movie came out like it was yesterday. The Father Jim Fajardo boy was he pissed his name was mentioned. I'm like what the hell you mad about not like they lied about you. With the Gang War and everything I lost a lot of my brothers and sisters in arms. When all the smoke cleared headless to say I was angry at life and everything in it. That was when I started looking at Jerimi for what he really was. I knew I had a good invention. That it could be used as I developed it to make Apps and Devices reach there full potential right. The twisted and battle scared "G" looked at it without a kill switch and the world was my enemy. This world know reliant on computers and know I was the sole owner and only one that could control this "Weapon" know called Jerimi. What to do what to do. The only thing was to totally release him into the Web and destroy what I helped create with all my classmates, professors, the community of engineers. Was I really that person and could I really do that. I had a lot of real bad influences with me at the time but that's no excuse. It was agreed that everyone was so paranoid about Y2K that we were going to give it to them for real and it was fitting to my nickname 2 Young 2 Kill. What some of the older "G" mommas called me.
Before everything was said and done I met someone walking home from a night out partying. Walking down that lonely dead end street. I met my friend and one of the biggest influences of my life. The I'd say largest contributer in my life from that point further. Still to this Day we still talk on a everyday basis. He and I would say we probably don't talk as much as we should. But if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be the man I am today. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't even be here. My Friend and Savior Jesus Christ. My Rock my Diamond. Well after that and many hours of prayer and meditation I talked to a cop friend of my mothers and told him what I had and why I couldn't turn Jerimi into either side of the Law because mankind in general couldn't be trusted.So my cop friend Bill Shelton decided to drive me , funny enough for three days blind folded till we found a bariel spot. I never seen two men did a whole of life so deap. That's what the Good Lord called it. Well when we got back we agreed to stlit ways and never speak again. That wasn't a far stretch by the way we were from two way different sides of the street. I don't know if it was the Clinton Crew got hold of him or one of mine. I knew he wouldn't talk that was just the kind of man he was. I think the Good Lord brought us together to take care of the mission. Either way it goes they found him with a bullet in the back of his head at the gravesite of his fiancee that was killed about a week or two before. Either way it looked like I had a contract out on my head now and it was time to get out of Dodge. I didn't hardly pack. Rose already told me she was leaving for affair number three. So I just called my oldest Brother Donny God Rest His Soul witch was a Truck Driver. Been in Texas Every Since. Stayed out the business though. Didn't really see myself being a Gang Bangin noe Electrical Engineer. Didn't have the kinda buzz it did in the beginning. And what was I going put on my resume Constructor of Y2K. So I went to work for Fast Food Management for about 25 year

Cory's App OutHouse on Social Networking Apps

I tryed this App a couple of times just to let y'all know. To give you a little back ground on myself in just a moment. To my main followers yes I am repeating myself for those that do not follow all of my pages. I will be outing out a different segment every week but I'll be jumping back and forth so everyone gets it. All of them just like know are written once for YouTube Live on Mondays and I'll be jumping from Facebook, my Google Websites, My Google Plus Pages, My Blogs, My Collections, My Communities, and My Groups so like know if you want to see me act up you should be listening like just know with that Live Report from the Front Lines you could say of Facebook.
On to me I started as a young pup Lol in Electrical Engineering/Robotics College in Arkansas. In my young Gang Banging Stupid Days. Engineering School that was Fun because regular school bored me. By my sophomore year in high school I already had all the Math and Trig and Calculus Classes including about four College and every computer class my high school and the community college offered. Good thing because that's all the entrance exam into this special college was 1000 question test made by the professors to weed out the ones wouldn't make it and as they put it not wasting there time or ours. Two failed Exams and your out, No pressure but finally something that intreged me. I was already years ahead of my class, been denning around with TV's and VCR's for a while on my own and now it's time for the real deal. Real Computer Technology with my passion was programming. There's always a but, have to make it past the first year to get to binary programing. To Say that first year was brutal was a understatement. Formulas Resisters Transformers (What What What) but we made it and finally my passion binary programing I don't know why but like my professors called me a Number Cruncher. This Course my classmates that I thought would make it to the end with me and my brother. Forgot to mention my Twin brother was with me the whole time. But in this particular semester was when I started to realize I had a God Given gift. Didn't and Still don't know how to describe it except to say I had the ability to feel the machine. Some of you probably think Im talking Crazy but I always assumed it came with the intense training we received until I got to the final semester and I stepped back a little and noticed everyone strugleing with the assignments. I mentioned it to my twin brother and he's like no crap we all are what's your deal or what's your problem more like. So myself and my classmates decided to as you say put your money where your mouth is. Wager I'm in. Here's the bet final semester which supposably was the hardest everyone talked about it. Beginning of the Semester I Would completely Tape up my book and never open it and never study the course. I would go to class but never open the book and a lot was Data so it was a open book Course. The Final as always they break you up into groups of three. You Get Three Computers or should I say Three Mother Boards. Not only Find the broken one but find it down to the chip. You can use a arsenal of equipment but here's the tricky part. You have Twenty minutes to do it No Pressure Right. My two classmates behind me not making a sound. One by one I plunged in the computer and they had each mother board Played out in front of me. I Grabbed the number Three memory chip out of the number Two Computer Roped it out tossed it in the air at my professor and walked out of the Room. It played for my sweat 88 Bareta to go to Bachelor's College in but that didn't work out. I know I'm getting Long winded let's spread up a bit. College I was part of a group of Gammers that ran Gaming/Chat Rooms via the telephone company. Guess what our little organization is known as Today. I give you one guess and that's all I think you'll need. We call her the Web. My second prediction. Remember I told you my passion was binary programming. Well I told my professor and classmates that a program was going to be made that could teach the computer to speak our language or vise versa. They all laughed at me and like you know probably thinking I'm a little Crazy. But we know call that Program Java Script.Well Things in Tampa Florida didn't work out with my Pell Grants and Loans to get my Bachelor's Degree so I decided to go back home. God thing for me because there was a Hurricane heading right for Florida( Hurricane Andrew). Ok Cool I'll just hall A... to my brothers place in Gonzales Louisiana between Baton Rouge. Made it there fine the my brother Kenny informed me that the Hurricane hit the tip of Florida and you guessed it heading straight for us and you know it he lived in a trailer. I'm like crap I'd been better off staying were I was at it Florida. It all turned out Good Though we had a Hurricane watching party at one of his friends house with brick walls.
This is what happens when you give the same Report To multiple sites, sorry we'll get to it but been downloading pictures and if I don't tell this story of Jerimi I never will. He was kinda like my son in a Designer way Lol that don't make sense be right back Jerimi was a Active X program I developed. He was the one and only of his kind and why when you used to hear of Y2K they were talking about a person not a thing me. 2Y2K. My street name back then. It meant To Young To Kill. Cory Triplett known as Protect The Innocent for War On The Internet in Cory's App OutHouse!! Catch Me If You CanNN!!!!

Cory's App OutHouse Cont2

OK now that that's over let's get down to business of Cory's App OutHouse. Oh yea we got to cratick I guess that's how you spell it (judge) better word this All in one Social Networking App. Don't get me going just yet I got something a little more important just for a second just came down the wire. I told y'all that I wasn't giving up my day job War On The Internet and here it is. Why don't you people listen to me. I said don't get me started already did Yahoo. Darrell R. Hampton and I know that name from my investigations but I can't place it just this second but apparently this is another piece of work pretending to be yet another Facebook CEO giving away another Facebook Lottery. Really Facebook how many Lottery's are you going to have in one week. Hey dipshit if you ever listened to me or anything I say lord before I start cussing Facebook don't give away shit never has and never will and if you listened to anything I've ever said that comes not only from Facebook CEO's but from there Creative ForeFathers and They Say Never Have And Never Will. I mean really folks I think I speak pretty good English don't you I've made that statement A Hundred Times. I just got done talking to my Yahoo Friend my Spiritual Advisor kinda my friend mental support. I said when I'm yelling for a year and a half WOLF WOLF WOLF and you finally come running screaming with him on your A... You know what I'm going to scream then. ...... Not a damn thing I'm going slam that door on your " You Know" You don't want to listen until the wolf comes calling at your door you ain't got nobody to blame but you. Todd Sloane and The Prize Patrol Team left me out there with about Five Wolves but you know what I was an exception contrate to popular belief I did not deserve it and I did not have it coming. I did nothing wrong and had nothing to feel guilty about. They sent me out intentionally knowing they were going to come after me but what made me different from the rest was I had already seen my maker and I had a will to survive that they all wanted a piece of and you know what? """I WON""" They Couldn't Take This.
Need to calm down a minute be right back. I love all of y'all but after almost two years y'all need to start acting like my sacrifices that I and my family has had to encounter was for a reason. This crap is the same stuff me and my group started with. Its like you have I'm sorry deaf ears unless it affects you and this I'm not sorry for just Ticks Me Off. Get it Together America Go Trump hurry up and get your but in office as you can tell Protect The Innocent for War On The Internet needs your Help a President with a Pair. Cory Triplett known as Protect The Innocent for War On The Internet in Cory's App OutHouse. Back in A Minute for my Report Social Networking App is it A Deal Or A Fud.I like that its Catchy!!!!!!!!

Cory's App OutHouse Cont.

I Couldn't very well start Cory's App OutHouse without a display of my most Famous Pictures. Sorry guys with my new programming I have to tame it a little but they'll still bring back them memories of the post. When you see them do me a favor and remember where you were. I can very easily just for me remember I was literally underground in hiding.

This your Looking at one is my Signature Picture The girl for War On The Internet Two my book and yes I said my book will be releasing it on and Facebook!!! They worked yet! Catch Me If You CanNN!!! Cory Triplett
War On The Internet in Cory's App OutHouse by Protect The Innocent.