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Saturday, March 19, 2016

War On The Internet: Facebook's Response

War On The Internet: Facebook's Response: After Luanne stopped talking that night I figured either she got scarred and was talking to this husband she was so eager to tell me about. Facebbok sent me a message a couple of weeks after to inform me that they told Todd Sloane that I had reported him for using a fake account. This is the same scammer network that Facebook has been informed that they had threatened my life and that of my family. I'm thinking first of all did Facebook just have a brain fart or what just happened. Did they forget who I am and or what I've been through. The way it's starting to look to me is that they like it when bad things happen my way because it improves there ratings. I know for a fact they have set me up in the same ways that Todd Sloane had set me up for the scammers to come at me with my deffense system down or incomplete. But I got one even better than that one for you folks. Some of you don't seem to want to listen until it affects you or something really drastic happens to me. Well some of you remember the story of my first Scammer the same one that said she works for Facebook and Facebook said she didn't and showed me a picture of the real Facebook employee named Roper Dawnmichelle a 50 something year old women that works for facebook and as it turns out that was all part of facebook's coverup story because I went into Facebook under a friends profile and looked up the name to see if by chance Facebook was blocking me from finding out the Truth. Lord oh Lord what did I find under that name besides the real Roper Dawnmichelle. A Facebook employee or Ececutive that not only works for Facebook but works here in my home state so I mean not only did they lie to me and are responsible for covering up her true idenity and taking the evidence or some of it that I had on her but failed to mention she lives and works only a few hours from me. I spent a good part of a year in hiding because of what this women and her hiden organization did to me and the threats against myself and my family. They'll all tell you that there not involved when all the evidence that I have been showing ya'll over the course of about a year and a half proves exactly what I have been saying. I recieved a letter from my page called Facebook Security Notifications from a women telling me the one thing that I never wanted to hear again that Facebook executives have started it all over again. Facebook employees calling themselves claim agents are starting there tricks all over again just like in the begining with me and Roper. I figured as much as I and my people have put the word out as to whats been going on and how there doing it that you people would have learned by our mistakes and failures. was at one point trying to block any and all reports about these activities but know I think they have come on board to try and help the situation even if they tryed to claim credit for my work. I really don't care how they do it as long as it gets done. I really need all the help I can get and with facebook and Google blocking alot of my publications I need the publicity were and when ever i can get it. It's a big web and little old me has limited resources and with no outside help or finances I take help were ever and when ever I can find it. Just in case some of you have forgotten this War On The Internet has been and is about you and your online safety from these preditors. As of yet I have yet to see anyone actually concerned or willing to help until it hits you or someone that you know or Love. In the begining I had Danielle Lamb saying she didn't want any reports on her fan page about this subject because it was to depressing and know it's all she talks about. My question is this either she all of a sudden got hit with a consious or someone she knows got hit by one of them but either way it goes I say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help and consideration in the War On The Internet. Just so you know Danielle that we could not have made it this far without your help. It's discouraging when you hear that all your work has been useless so unlike me I want to tell you that your work with us has not gone unoticed or unapriciated and I will forever be in your dept in how ever much time the good lord has left for me here. Me and my people do not forget and we do value honest friendship just like we do loyalty and respect. For Todd Sloane in my eyes he will always be the back stabing weasel that me and my organization knows him for and what he did to me setting me up. Like I said we never forget and Todd Sloane of we will NEVER FORGIVE. Till the day I see your but hauled off to prison for what you did to me. That is the day I dream of and prey for. As to Facebook, hum what shall we do what shall we do. There own Facebook Security is responsible for the cover up of one of there own. By there own words say these scammers have not violated any facebook policies and you still do not think there involved in all of this and know they have started a whole new round of attacks against Facebook loyal customers and or Fans of Facebook. The government needs to finally step up and do there job and do an official investigation into facebook itself and there so called security team and employees present and past because I promise you will find exemployees had left the company because this underground illegal network paid more money to the right people. As always this has been Cory Triplett Known as Protect The Innocent for War On The Internet reporting from Cory's App Outhouse. You can also catch me at, God Bless and Be Safe so Catch Me If You CanNNNNNN!!!!!!!! Cory's OUT!!!
 The Real and existing Roper Dawnmichelle that Facebook was so good at hiding from me. As you can say just released the devil in my my sworn enemy of the state. Be watching because this ain't over it has just begun. Find out what Protect The Innocent really means by WarOn The Internet!!