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Monday, March 7, 2016

My beautiful Army Officer Girlfriend I Was So Proud and in Love

I'm popping this in but thanks a lot guys my Face is all puffy been crying for hours trying to get through that my heartest post. That one Really Hit home but if I didn't do it I would have been misuable for the rest of my life and the VIPER would have won screw that thank y'all for pudding me into it I hope it was as much a blessing to you as it was to me Later Continue Lol. For those of you playing catch up with us from last time. My girl Alex just confessed that she was in the Army which I already knew but that she was actually in Afghanistan on the front lines. I was trying to be cautious anyway so I remember thinking I was OK with it. Not for the danger part of it but that would mean we had more time to take it slow and I was defiantly down with that. Rose and I had been divorced by this time some 15 or more years and after the three affairs she had I defiantly had some trust issues with women. It was bad enough that after the divorce I had to spend a couple of years in therapy.
That was also during the time from that she disappeared for about four years. Rose and I had some major issues back then. For those of you that have been keeping up. This was right after the gang wars. We both did what we had to do to get out of there one alive and two with all your scruples or should I say morals. All the girls I've dated since then have told me I guess that I'm a messed up individual or that I'm still in Love with Rose. That's kinda funny because when I was married I was always being accused of not showing her enough attention.
           When I first started talking to Alex or should I say communicating, she used to tell me that she was going to show me how a women was supposed to treat a man. She was going to open my heart and sole up for love again. I used to poke at her and tell her the heart was like a water well. If it hadn't been used in a long while it was probably all dried up and even if there was still water in there at the least it probably wasn't drinkable. She seemed to be a good women with good christian values. That by the way was how we first met anyway. We both were fans of the preacher Joel Olstean and reposted some of his sermons. At least that's what she said got her attention. She said it was a breath of fresh air to see a man that could be a spiritual man and still stand on his own two feet. In other words a man that can act like a man and still keep his spirituality and hold true his convictions and beliefs.
We were into our sixth or seventh month of talking or messenger when she popes the question. She asked me to open a Chase bank account so that if her son got sick she could send him money. Alex said that Chase was the only bank the government could use were she was at in Afghanistan. She said all I would have to do was just open the account up and give her the account numbers and she would take care of the rest. I'm thinking take care of all of it then. At that moment was when I started to get sick again. Even sick I had good judgement. Something just rubed me wrong about the whole thing. Her being in the military you would think she would have understood that I couldn't do that especially for someone I had never met face to face. Everyone around here kept telling me that I was crazy and I had a fantasy girlfriend. She was a figment of my imagination. I told her that I would do it but I kept coming up with excuses why I couldn't drive all the way to Tyler Texas the only place that had a Chase bank around here. The tention about the whole thing was making me sicker and sicker. Before I knew it I was being Care-a-flighted to Tyler Texas for another set of major surgeries. This set ended up costing me about 250 thousand dollars. I spent round about three months in there. Mother Francis Hospital was probably one of the best hospitals I had ever been to.
I tried to look Alex up when I got out but could not get a answer from her messenger and there haddent been any activities on her Facebook page.
        That's when it hit me. I got a phone call from this women in New York. She said she was Alex's sister. The one that was taking care of her son.
        She asked me how long had it been since I had heard from Alex. I told her that it had been a while since I had been in the hospital. Right as soon as she asked me that I knew something was very wrong about this. It felt like my insides just dropped out of my gut.
        That's when she told me. Alex's squad was out on patrol when they got ambushed coming back in. I told her that sometimes when they did these manovers. I wouldn't hear from her for two maybe three weeks at a time. Now everything was starting to make since now. Normally when she was getting ready for a dangerous mission she would pick a fight with me before she left, as she would put it, to see if I cared. When she got back we always made up like nothing happened.
       Her sister said she wanted to fly down here in person to tell me but she couldn't because of Alex's son was afraid of flying and she didn't want to put him through any more than he was already going through losing his mother and all.
         She said she had to be the one to tell me because that's what she would of wanted. She said every time she talked to Alex. I was all she could talk about. Alex told her that I was her little Texas Cowboy. I'm far from a Cowboy but OK. Its a Dallas Texas thing and I was good with that. I told her that when the boy grew up to tell him that Alex had confessed to me that she always had a dream that she would be killed in the line of fire in the military. She said she had her beautiful son and that's why she joined the military was to fulfill her destiny. It was nothing like a death wish it was that she was a spiritual women and like myself I believe this with all my heart. If you know were and how your supposed to die if you try to cheat that you cheat the meaning of life. And possibly miss your window to the blessing of the good lords light and grace. I believe everybody has a purpose in life and your given only a select amount of opportunities to make your escape out of this life and into the kingdom of heaven. Alex like I believed it wouldn't be fair to try and cheat death because if you miss his window maybe his window was his way of giving you a less painful route out of this life and the one comes up next would be very painful and the good lord gave you a merciful way out and you have to respect that no matter who you are. "In His Name I Prey" and may you rest in piece my sweat "United States Army Officer Alice Justice Garcia" Well that's why it took me so long to tell it. Not to mention about a month after she passed The Scammers tryed to use her against me. Lord knows how they found out about her but they didn't realize I already knew she was dead. They tryed to tell me she was critically injured and she needed money to survive while she was going through rehabilitation. They didn't realize that I had already gone threw the VIPER there best and after that they couldn't rattle my chains for nothing. I was now the best and that's why so many of them came at me and came at me hard with both gloves off. I'll tell you like I told them. Do you know why I always win. By winning I mean they couldn't take me because I always had the good lord on my side. If it was a lie or a scam I didn't have to prove it right then the lord told me they were throwing there trash my way ( there lies). With him in my corner the best lier and Con-Artist couldn't take me. I'm not saying it didn't hurt when they told me that I won 200 thousand dollars. But I survived and my mother was OK with me not being able to pay for her knee surgery. Lol but we got through it and so will you. All you need is this formula and you can do anything. Just say these words. "Let Go and Let God" That will fix everything. I told him when I try to do things my way I always mess things up so now let's do it a little different. Its your turn lord and we'll see how fare we go and how much were able to accomplish and how well. And I bet your able to do this thing we call life with dignity and Love and Respect. Till next time folks y'all have a great night and be safe and god bless. Catch Me If You CanNNN!!!! Cory Triplett known as Protect The Innocent for War On The Internet reporting from Cory's App Outhouse! At, and,, Now Y'all Keep Looking Up Because That's Where It All Is!!!!!!Cory Triplett