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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Cory's App OutHouse on Social Networking Apps

I tryed this App a couple of times just to let y'all know. To give you a little back ground on myself in just a moment. To my main followers yes I am repeating myself for those that do not follow all of my pages. I will be outing out a different segment every week but I'll be jumping back and forth so everyone gets it. All of them just like know are written once for YouTube Live on Mondays and I'll be jumping from Facebook, my Google Websites, My Google Plus Pages, My Blogs, My Collections, My Communities, and My Groups so like know if you want to see me act up you should be listening like just know with that Live Report from the Front Lines you could say of Facebook.
On to me I started as a young pup Lol in Electrical Engineering/Robotics College in Arkansas. In my young Gang Banging Stupid Days. Engineering School that was Fun because regular school bored me. By my sophomore year in high school I already had all the Math and Trig and Calculus Classes including about four College and every computer class my high school and the community college offered. Good thing because that's all the entrance exam into this special college was 1000 question test made by the professors to weed out the ones wouldn't make it and as they put it not wasting there time or ours. Two failed Exams and your out, No pressure but finally something that intreged me. I was already years ahead of my class, been denning around with TV's and VCR's for a while on my own and now it's time for the real deal. Real Computer Technology with my passion was programming. There's always a but, have to make it past the first year to get to binary programing. To Say that first year was brutal was a understatement. Formulas Resisters Transformers (What What What) but we made it and finally my passion binary programing I don't know why but like my professors called me a Number Cruncher. This Course my classmates that I thought would make it to the end with me and my brother. Forgot to mention my Twin brother was with me the whole time. But in this particular semester was when I started to realize I had a God Given gift. Didn't and Still don't know how to describe it except to say I had the ability to feel the machine. Some of you probably think Im talking Crazy but I always assumed it came with the intense training we received until I got to the final semester and I stepped back a little and noticed everyone strugleing with the assignments. I mentioned it to my twin brother and he's like no crap we all are what's your deal or what's your problem more like. So myself and my classmates decided to as you say put your money where your mouth is. Wager I'm in. Here's the bet final semester which supposably was the hardest everyone talked about it. Beginning of the Semester I Would completely Tape up my book and never open it and never study the course. I would go to class but never open the book and a lot was Data so it was a open book Course. The Final as always they break you up into groups of three. You Get Three Computers or should I say Three Mother Boards. Not only Find the broken one but find it down to the chip. You can use a arsenal of equipment but here's the tricky part. You have Twenty minutes to do it No Pressure Right. My two classmates behind me not making a sound. One by one I plunged in the computer and they had each mother board Played out in front of me. I Grabbed the number Three memory chip out of the number Two Computer Roped it out tossed it in the air at my professor and walked out of the Room. It played for my sweat 88 Bareta to go to Bachelor's College in but that didn't work out. I know I'm getting Long winded let's spread up a bit. College I was part of a group of Gammers that ran Gaming/Chat Rooms via the telephone company. Guess what our little organization is known as Today. I give you one guess and that's all I think you'll need. We call her the Web. My second prediction. Remember I told you my passion was binary programming. Well I told my professor and classmates that a program was going to be made that could teach the computer to speak our language or vise versa. They all laughed at me and like you know probably thinking I'm a little Crazy. But we know call that Program Java Script.Well Things in Tampa Florida didn't work out with my Pell Grants and Loans to get my Bachelor's Degree so I decided to go back home. God thing for me because there was a Hurricane heading right for Florida( Hurricane Andrew). Ok Cool I'll just hall A... to my brothers place in Gonzales Louisiana between Baton Rouge. Made it there fine the my brother Kenny informed me that the Hurricane hit the tip of Florida and you guessed it heading straight for us and you know it he lived in a trailer. I'm like crap I'd been better off staying were I was at it Florida. It all turned out Good Though we had a Hurricane watching party at one of his friends house with brick walls.
This is what happens when you give the same Report To multiple sites, sorry we'll get to it but been downloading pictures and if I don't tell this story of Jerimi I never will. He was kinda like my son in a Designer way Lol that don't make sense be right back Jerimi was a Active X program I developed. He was the one and only of his kind and why when you used to hear of Y2K they were talking about a person not a thing me. 2Y2K. My street name back then. It meant To Young To Kill. Cory Triplett known as Protect The Innocent for War On The Internet in Cory's App OutHouse!! Catch Me If You CanNN!!!!