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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Facebook's Response

After Luanne stopped talking that night I figured either she got scarred and was talking to this husband of hers she was so eager to make sure I knew she had like it really would have made a difference to me. I personally really don't care if a Facebook Scammer was married or not and why would I care unless her was helping her set up these Cons. By talking to her I really doubt she could have done this on her own. I think she was a little mentally chalenged. My only assumption on that is that she witnessed the real operation and decided that she was going to take a little piece of the pie. That would be the only way that she would have gotten my name and not known who I was. It was like all she knew is I was a target everyone in the organization was after. She thought they meant a easy target but in reality they were all after me because none of them as of yet has been able to crack this good ole Texas Boy. They just don't realize that I'm raised old school from some of the roughest streets america has or had to offer. I'm a retired ole "G" from the Folks Street Gang During the Arkansas Street Wars Of The 90's. There ain't a whole lot I haven't seen or heard.
                After that night I pretty much just sat on my hands waiting on a response from Facebook to tell me what happened because when I reported her I also asked Facebook to inform me of the progress of the case. I did that mostly because of my past dealings with them when we were dealing with there so called employee Roper DanielleMichelle. I have more on that in a moment. About two weeks after I got a response letter in my Facebook Email from Facebook Security," Stating This". 
                   Mr. Cory Triplett we thank you for your insight into Facebook Security and your report on Todd Sloane and the fake accounts using his name and profile. We have informed Todd Sloane of your report and have told him that you have reported him for using a fake account. As we see it we can know consider this case closed and if you have anymore problems on Facebook don't hesitate to contact our team at Facebook Security.
                 I don't know about you but I was blown away. First of all more than anything else all BS aside this was the same Facebook Security that knew and knows there biggest scammer the one that I had nicknamed "The Viper" had threatened my life and that of my family and they turned around and told them I was the one that reported the organization if you want to call it that. What ever happened to Confidentuality of the informant. Were they trying to get me hurt or I'll just say it like there involved all the way down to the Core. Like I've always said these people were and are embedded into there organization because it's there people involved. Either current Facebook and employees past or present. These scammers weren't equipped with nothing they have the most current intelligence information that was available. At the time when I figured that one out they had New release information within minutes of the release and there was no way that could be done without someone on the inside of both organizations.
                   Next part just throwing this out there but if Todd Sloane at was involved in help setting this Fake Account up for Luanne Carr witch would be the only way that Facebook could have tied it to him if Facebook had actually done a real investigation like I have been doing for more than a year. Then he's guilty of the crime before and after the fact. That would really be bad finding out that those three public figures are involved in organized crime defrauding the Americian People. The one thing I've been saying since the beginning of this. My people that I listen to the Americian people have asked me to scream one thing for the little guy. Corporate Accountability, They say no matter who you are or how popular you are or how much money you are if you were or are involved in this they want them held accountible for there crimes and actions or inactions just as if they were one of us. In translation if you knew it was going on and did nothing and by doing nothing you allowed this criminal act to go on and hurt innocent people in a large scale plan or plot you are just as guilty as the people committing the act themselves and should be held accountable just as if you were the one doing it yourself. In the eyes of the Law we call that a crime before and after the fact. The companies that supported the criminal act such as Facebook and and know were coming into information through this Luanne Carr that a gaming company known as FarmVille2 might also have ties into this organization are Criminally and Civilily Liable for the actions of there employees that they are representing when they have been commiting these acts while they were on and off your clock.
               This Luanne Carr when I investigated her real profile was covered with people in and around that gaming company. Know that has failed to arrest her she has grown more and more bold to the point she has been taunting me sending me game invites to the FarmVille2. I'm sure her husband has informed her who I am know and there all having a good laugh over it know that they know that Facebook either isn't doing anything about it or Facebook is one of them. According to Facebook Security they say these fake accounts such as the one Luanne Carr came at me with are not violating ant Facebook Policys. First of all I haven't read all of Facebook's Policies but how is Scamming other users not Violating Facebbok Policys. If that is so Facebook is not the Facebook I thought it was back in the beggining. I am one of the first people ever signed on to Facebook back in the very beggining. I have been a Facebook Publisher almost every since that day. I can't really remember looking at a regular Facebook outlook. I've always had what you would call a Publishers Console. So AGAIN Facebook How Do You Consider Scamming Your Customers Or Friends Not Violating Facebook Policy.
              Next lets Talk about my first Facebook Scammer Named Roper DawnMichelle that said she was a Public Relations Rep for Facebook. I have a update on that one Next so look for my Next Called Roper In Texas. Till Then this has been Cory Triplett known as Protect The Innocent for War On The Internet reporting from Cory's App Outhouse at, and, so Catch Me If You CanNNNN!!!!!! Cory's Out!!! God Bless and be Safe. KEEP LOOKING UP BECAUSE THAT'S WERE IT ALL IS!!!!