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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Cory's App OutHouse Cont2

OK now that that's over let's get down to business of Cory's App OutHouse. Oh yea we got to cratick I guess that's how you spell it (judge) better word this All in one Social Networking App. Don't get me going just yet I got something a little more important just for a second just came down the wire. I told y'all that I wasn't giving up my day job War On The Internet and here it is. Why don't you people listen to me. I said don't get me started already did Yahoo. Darrell R. Hampton and I know that name from my investigations but I can't place it just this second but apparently this is another piece of work pretending to be yet another Facebook CEO giving away another Facebook Lottery. Really Facebook how many Lottery's are you going to have in one week. Hey dipshit if you ever listened to me or anything I say lord before I start cussing Facebook don't give away shit never has and never will and if you listened to anything I've ever said that comes not only from Facebook CEO's but from there Creative ForeFathers and They Say Never Have And Never Will. I mean really folks I think I speak pretty good English don't you I've made that statement A Hundred Times. I just got done talking to my Yahoo Friend my Spiritual Advisor kinda my friend mental support. I said when I'm yelling for a year and a half WOLF WOLF WOLF and you finally come running screaming with him on your A... You know what I'm going to scream then. ...... Not a damn thing I'm going slam that door on your " You Know" You don't want to listen until the wolf comes calling at your door you ain't got nobody to blame but you. Todd Sloane and The Prize Patrol Team left me out there with about Five Wolves but you know what I was an exception contrate to popular belief I did not deserve it and I did not have it coming. I did nothing wrong and had nothing to feel guilty about. They sent me out intentionally knowing they were going to come after me but what made me different from the rest was I had already seen my maker and I had a will to survive that they all wanted a piece of and you know what? """I WON""" They Couldn't Take This.
Need to calm down a minute be right back. I love all of y'all but after almost two years y'all need to start acting like my sacrifices that I and my family has had to encounter was for a reason. This crap is the same stuff me and my group started with. Its like you have I'm sorry deaf ears unless it affects you and this I'm not sorry for just Ticks Me Off. Get it Together America Go Trump hurry up and get your but in office as you can tell Protect The Innocent for War On The Internet needs your Help a President with a Pair. Cory Triplett known as Protect The Innocent for War On The Internet in Cory's App OutHouse. Back in A Minute for my Report Social Networking App is it A Deal Or A Fud.I like that its Catchy!!!!!!!!