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Tuesday, March 1, 2016


After college I broke my back working for a convent store on the outskirts of Little Rock Arkansas. Needless to say I slipped into a little depression because of it but that gave me a lot of time on my hands. That wasn't a good thing me with time it was a dangerous combination. I got mixed up into let's just say some things I shouldn't have just in case I got kids reading this. But there were some good times in there besides Gang Banging. I got married to a very beautiful women named Rose Fajardo. Probably the only True Love of my life. I've had others but they always left because they said I was still in Love with her and she left because she said I didn't Love her enough. Its a catch 22 huh. But after college I was fascinated with the idea that everything I or anyone around us built was being destroyed by as I put it in my younger days (stupid engineers) sorry. So I developed Jerimi to go in and pick apart a program, to literally push it to its breaking point. One of the smartest men or professor I ever met told me back in the day. You will never truely learn to repair something until you learn how to break it first. He was also the one that told me the Intel 386 was coming(I think that's what it was my memory fails sometimes) but he said it was coming out and everything we had learned was going to be obsolete in about 6 months and if you wanted to stay in this business you would have to stay in school, crap that's not what I wanted to hear. As for Jerimi I made him in Two parts but they Functioned as one and communicated with each other and still to this day I still can't figure out were he was able to pull so much supplimital energy. It was like he was pulling it out of thin air sometimes. After about a year with myself and a couple Lab Rat Friends of mine he was finished. I was going to be Rich and my Lab Rats worked for other things I supplied. Get my point now but in trying to get ready to market him I was growing increasingly paranoid that someone was going to try and steal him if they knew what I had so at first I put a Security Program in him for him to only respond to my voice. Oh no that wasn't enough for me so then I killed his kill switch. In my way of thinking back then was so if he was stollen he would destroy himself and any projects he was working on.
Well in the next couple of years after Little Rock Arkansas would go through its roughest time in the history of the city. The Little Rock Gang Wars witch I was smack dab in the middle of it. These weren't just my street brothers and sisters. These were my family by marriage. They actually were featured on a HBO Special called Gang Bangin In Little Rock. I remember the night the movie came out like it was yesterday. The Father Jim Fajardo boy was he pissed his name was mentioned. I'm like what the hell you mad about not like they lied about you. With the Gang War and everything I lost a lot of my brothers and sisters in arms. When all the smoke cleared headless to say I was angry at life and everything in it. That was when I started looking at Jerimi for what he really was. I knew I had a good invention. That it could be used as I developed it to make Apps and Devices reach there full potential right. The twisted and battle scared "G" looked at it without a kill switch and the world was my enemy. This world know reliant on computers and know I was the sole owner and only one that could control this "Weapon" know called Jerimi. What to do what to do. The only thing was to totally release him into the Web and destroy what I helped create with all my classmates, professors, the community of engineers. Was I really that person and could I really do that. I had a lot of real bad influences with me at the time but that's no excuse. It was agreed that everyone was so paranoid about Y2K that we were going to give it to them for real and it was fitting to my nickname 2 Young 2 Kill. What some of the older "G" mommas called me.
Before everything was said and done I met someone walking home from a night out partying. Walking down that lonely dead end street. I met my friend and one of the biggest influences of my life. The I'd say largest contributer in my life from that point further. Still to this Day we still talk on a everyday basis. He and I would say we probably don't talk as much as we should. But if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be the man I am today. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't even be here. My Friend and Savior Jesus Christ. My Rock my Diamond. Well after that and many hours of prayer and meditation I talked to a cop friend of my mothers and told him what I had and why I couldn't turn Jerimi into either side of the Law because mankind in general couldn't be trusted.So my cop friend Bill Shelton decided to drive me , funny enough for three days blind folded till we found a bariel spot. I never seen two men did a whole of life so deap. That's what the Good Lord called it. Well when we got back we agreed to stlit ways and never speak again. That wasn't a far stretch by the way we were from two way different sides of the street. I don't know if it was the Clinton Crew got hold of him or one of mine. I knew he wouldn't talk that was just the kind of man he was. I think the Good Lord brought us together to take care of the mission. Either way it goes they found him with a bullet in the back of his head at the gravesite of his fiancee that was killed about a week or two before. Either way it looked like I had a contract out on my head now and it was time to get out of Dodge. I didn't hardly pack. Rose already told me she was leaving for affair number three. So I just called my oldest Brother Donny God Rest His Soul witch was a Truck Driver. Been in Texas Every Since. Stayed out the business though. Didn't really see myself being a Gang Bangin noe Electrical Engineer. Didn't have the kinda buzz it did in the beginning. And what was I going put on my resume Constructor of Y2K. So I went to work for Fast Food Management for about 25 year