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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Protect The Innocent where have you been?

Hello everyone have you missed me as much as I have missed you. I figured I at least owe you my fans and followers a explanation of why I haven't written here on my main blog in some time.
      Some of you know about my twin brother Keith (Tax) Triplett that passed away three weeks from our 45th birthday back in August( My Twin Brother). I really thought that was the end of my world. Boy was I wrong.
     My mother, my life, the center of my entire life passed away from complications from a stroke. Then on top of everything my mentally sick brother was named executor of her will. It's like if he didn't like me then. He really has came at me now trying to cut me out of the will. The rent is paid up till January but Kenny is trying to get me out ASAP. He's kicked in my bedroom door, assaulted me, not to mention stolen hundreds of dollars of my stuff. Even going as far as taking my door knobs off my doors with his crack heads coming and going all hours of the night. 
         I've tried to be rational about this but he is going to run moms house into the ground. As momma used to say turning this house into a flop house. I could take it for me but I got mommas dogs too and he's even gone as far as stealing there dog food. I've seen some messed up shit but this guy ( I can't even call him my brother anymore. Sounds like a construction zone. I'm still in a very emotional state right know. I will get back to the job at hand ( War On The Internet) As soon as Possible.,      If you need me you can still contact me at 9033944710