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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Day One of the knew bigining

So where do we want to start. I really don't know but I've been running my ass off for two years with no recognision. So from know on with me working so hard I'm going to relax and do what I do best. If you want to hear my explosive story on what I have uncovered we going do something different you gotta come to me because. One I'm Tired and Two. I'm dieing. I have hundreds of sites all over the web so best way. I have a new live channel on youtube. Not completely hooked up but I monitor it 24 hours a day almost and it's live you can see me or ask any questions. I was going to tell ya'll how I was going to run this particular page like the rest of the pages that I own. Is it going to be Facebook, Is it going to be google, plus or sites, is it going to be a site selling something, a site selling something, a site to play games, a site my favorate Cory's App Outhouse I'm sorry folks......It was to check googles apps to be good or not know I'm stopping at that and I'll finish this conversation next door but don't go anywhere just yet because I'm going to lose my temper rreal quick. Next Door is, and from know on when I leave a website I will tell you were I'm going and if you lose me I'll be posting a list of all my websites here in a couple of days. or you can always find me on my live youtube channel ok. After this I'm going to go smoke and this is not directed at any of ya'll. When you saw me hesitate just a minute ago when i told you i was moving next door to finish a webmaster was trying to contreol what I said and what I didn't by stoping my typing. I'm a webmaster also and a app designer a web developer a Robotic electrical engineer, a electrical engineer, one of the first wrld web programmers, almost the inventor of what you call Java Script, The Invintor of a Mechenical and software first and original series of what you guys call ACTIVE X but with no kill switch. You heard of Y2K. They were talking about me. TY2K. To Young To Kill is what it meant. I found my father God but I'm telling you this you son of a bitch you ever touch my fucking Pincil again I'm going to touch your fucking Neck Ass Hole See Yall Next Door In A Few. Cory Triplett known as Protect The Innocent for War On The Internet in Cory's App Outhouse. Next stop at, Ass Hole. Love Ya'll Catch Me If You CanNNNN!!!! Mother Fucker Ever Do That In front Of My People Again Its Yo Ass!!!