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Saturday, March 5, 2016

My baby Girl

I'm going to start this story out by giving you fair warning its very sad and unfortunately for me its true. Some of my fans and followers might know the story. I've only told it once or twice because even to this day is painful to talk about but it needs to be told so the people one understand why I'm so motivated in my fight on the War On The Internet and two understand that the will resort to anything in the arsenal of weapons(information) against you to get what they (the and Facebook Scammers) want from you.
     Before all of this started with me and and the Facebook Scammers back when I was still working as a Fast Food manager for McDonalds I was rooming with another one of my managers. Philip PJ Hussle he called himself, real good friend but sometimes things just happen that friendships can't survive. I was working one shift and he was working another but I was transportation for both. Needless to say I hardly ever slept and back then was after the first round of surgeries and before my health just pretty much slipped away from me.
I was setting in my car on my (as usual) browsing around Facebook passing the time waiting on PJ to get off work when I got a friend request from Alice Justice Garcia. She sent me a message that said something like " I liked your post it set me back because its so rare to see a man that can be a man in the spirit and in life also would like to be friends if you'll except". Who could say no to that right. So after we started talking she said what got her attention was that we both liked and reposted a lot of Joel Olstean the preachers sermons.
After about a month or two she finally told me that she was in New York and she was in the Army and had a 8 year old son. OK at least she was single I remember thinking. I told her I was in no rush for anything. I told her I hadn't been in any kind of real relationship since my ex wife and I divorced in the mid 90's. I told her that most of the girls I been with had left because they said I was either ruined by my ex wife or that I was still in love with her.
Alice then told me she was going to be the one to change that and put some hurt on this, as said good looking Texas Boy. We got a good laugh at that. In the time after that I can't really remember how or when I started failing in Love with her. This women I had never met and up to then hadn't even seen a picture of her. About month 6 or so, I was presuring her to maybe meet or talk on the phone or even send me a picture so I could at least see who I was talking to right.
That's when she hit me with it. Not only was she in the Army, she was in the war. I know that we've been in war for a few years now. Hell I can still remember were I was when I heard about 9-11. I was a waiter in Dallas and my Morning show "Kidd Kradick In The Morning" woke me up screaming if you can hear the sound of my voice. Wake up right now and turn on your TV's you are not going to believe what's going on around America. Were under attack so get up right now.
I tell her I know that. I'm in Texas not under a Rock what's your point. She said Cory "Baby" your not hearing me or your not listening. She said I live in New York, I didn't lie about that. She said when I say I'm in the war means I'm here on the front lines in Afghanistan. She said she was the Ammunitions Officer in her division and the reason she couldn't talk to me on the phone was because cell phones were strictly forbidden but they didn't know she had one. She said they were forbidden because they could give there position away to the enemy. Alice said she kept hers off most of the time but she had to have it in case something happened with her son and that her sister was watching for her back in New York. Just in case they needed something. OK I gusess. She promised not to keep anything else from me again and sent me a few pictures of her. She said it was to tie me over until she got another leave and could come see me. She said it wouldn't be no more than a couple more months till her next leave and I was going to be her first stop when she reached state side. All sounded good but even back then I kinda had this weard dealing that something just wasn't right.
All I knew at this point was I was in love again for the first time in years. I was proud she was in our war on terrism. Maybe know I could put all this speculation that I was still in love with my exwife behind me right. Oh no life is never that easy were you think you have the lords plan for you all figured out. That's when it all started. You wouldn't believe what she asked me to do.
Read my next Post and I'll tell you what she asked me to do.