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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Cory's App OutHouse Remix

The Development Community has so graciously given us the Social Networking App! I'm just going to just come right out and say it. Are you kidding do we look stupid to you guys. Oh I'm sorry I forgot I had to be hanging around for a year before you'll even let someone speak in your forum. I put that memo with the others from your forum in the trash along with the guy I heard in one of your Development Forums say he was tired of these young peoples stupid questions and he needed to sit over there and basically shut up until he had something worthwhile to contribute. Sorry guys here I go again before I get started on that guy. Its a did because they think there fooling us into believing that one App for all is going to solve your Speed and Memory Problems it doesn't I tryed it with two different systems. And by the way did y'all even give us the curtousy of even testing this one. Come on and if you did it was with Grandma and Grandpa accounts. I started with my Google Plus accounts ( for you all not in the business this might seem like a lot but its really not) Google Plus 8 accounts, 5 Pages, 9 Collections, 4 Communities and then I was going to start on my 2 Facebook accounts. Nope Couldn't make it past the first account with less than 100 friends. I got friends not on my list with 4 to 5 thousand friends and yes I told them like I'm about to explain to you nice folks. If you have a friends list that size do you ever get tired of scrolling and give up. Well I hate to say it so do the Authorities looking for my Scammers on Facebook and FanPages. A Friend list 3 to 5 thousand you can hide a whole Profile even a page. Hell that size you could have a whole network of Pages and nobody would even know they were there not you not Facebook Security or the Lack there of (I didn't say that LMAO) not the authorities no one. I found one the other day looked like he been there so long he grew Roots. He was so comfortable he wasn't going to budge but someone told him who I was and I was about to do something, damn right he was in a friend of mines Friend list and could of got him or her shut down. Sorry to say when that happens Facebook is well within there rights to shut you down while they fish out your snake in the bushes. Get my point. So keep a close eye on your friend list and for Gods Sake be careful who you call friends. I can do it because I have two accounts interconnected and I use both of them as a weapon. They call me Commander Cory on Facebook. I have a select group of friends and were pretty much Family we went to school together as such. I know them and there family and families family. Every so often I'll take my profile and friends list and slam it into the water were only thing that can take that are those people. Were introclined guess that's a good word if anyone in there hideing we gotcha. Found quiet a few like that haven't I Facebook and those were the good old days. But as for that App developer community it bogs down every time this one had eight apps and I saw another one had 34 Social Media Sites. No No And Again Nope. Go back and try it again that one way off. Your years away from that one I'm afraid. I got a hurry up and get this done so I can get back to that Developer that don't like Stupid Questions before it eats a hole in me.
So this guy couldn't care less about me he had a hole network of pages in this 5 thousand Friend list but he could rearrange a little if Facebook Security showed up and could just adjust a little. And not like this hadden happened before Facebook informing them that they've been identified as AFake account. I never seen a entire operation stock lock and barrel pick up shop and move everything. I mean down to moving there businesses and Homes along with it. That's why I keep saying Facebook and are involved with these people and all the evidence proves it but everyone keep saying no can't be. And I'm over here like what's the matter with you can't you read.
Ok On to my Developer/Designer App Engineer Web Master Web Designer/Developer and you young pups might want to cover your ears on this one. So your tired of the stupid questions and basically told that boy to sit down and shut up till he been around long enough to put in something Relevant and meaningful I think but wipe said. First of all this business and industry that me and my homeboys built from nothing from scratch and handed over to your ungrateful ass. We always had a motto. The only stupid questions were the ones not asked. We always welcomed a good debate its what kept you on your toes and I garentee Java Script which I started the Arkatect for was not built on that kind of Lazy yea I said it Lazy mentality. It was built on brotherhood and everyone helping each other and hear this brother that's what the entire Web Principals were founded from and if you and your colleagues got that kind of mentality then one Ale Gore we want our Rights back and y'all failed to deliver on Safety and you the government failed to deliver in the prosperity department which was in the contract that we signed the web over to the government so it looks like we know own the web in its entirety again if there's any of us left still alive but me I own you know. Cory Triplett known as Protect The Innocent for War On The Internet in Cory's App OutHouse Now I'm Rich LMAO