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Friday, November 20, 2015

The Viper

She Contacted me Later on that night and just as I expected told me I had to send 750 dollars via western union to check this Jamaka of all places. She said the big check was going to be presented to me by a PCH representative with a PCH badge and her badge number was 77190 and her name was supposed to be Sarah Waters my tracking number was 4713052891 and my reference number was 093145667 but the money was for a special seal that had to go on the check or like she said was as worthless as a sheet of paper. I asked her repeatedly why she didn't tell me about the money after everything that I had told her that I had already been through with these Scammers. Her reaction was can you blame me with the way you were acting. That's when she said it "Cory why don't you stop acting like a HOOD RAT!!!" Man I never been so insulted but truth be known she was right I've lived in the Hood my entire life. How did she know that or did she.
                 So she tells me to send this money to Kingston Jamakia to a Akheem Gallimore, even though the FBI has never asked for my information I learned to keep everything especially after Big Brother Facebook went in and Deleted everything I had good thing I was taught better. Back-up, Back-up, Back-UP.  By this time I knew she was a Fraud and this time I was different than the other times, I still cried, BUT I WAS DAMN MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Fronted her out and Told her. You Ain't gettin Shit. So go to hell.