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Friday, November 20, 2015

The Viper

               Just like the rest of the Scammers or it could be them I don't know or really care anymore, but I got a friend request from Danielle LamatPCH on my Facebook page. I didn't have to guess I already knew it was a Scammer. I had already been hit up, as I call it earlier that week by WinDav and Todd Sloan-atPCH trying to try there Luck on me. The thing they didn't understand or care is that I didn't have any money to give to them even if I had wanted to. I hadn't worked since I think  March or April can't really remember. So I kinda cussed her out from the beginning. I think I took her off her guard. They were already pissed and I knew it. They were throwing everything at me but the kitchen sink. First thing I Texted her was what the Hell do you want. Oh-Oh-Oh I'm just here to inform you that you have won a prise with and umm-I'm sorry if I uhm-made you mad. (Like I said the Viper don't let the nice act fool you.) So after everything calmed down and I explained to her why I was the way I was towards anyone from or pretty much anyone claiming they were going to give me something for Free(I'll explain that one later.) I told her that I was talking to someone right then that was telling me he was Todd Sloane. I asked her so who's telling the truth.
           Man oh man did that get her attention(Later I learned that, that was probably the real Todd Sloane because the profile he was talking to me on at the time was authenticated but today that really don't mean Crap because I've talked to that same page or profile still telling me I won and still asking me for my Credit Card Number so that don't mean nothing anymore.
            So when she Found Out I was talking to Todd Sloane the real or her competition I don't no nor care, but she told me he was a fake and that I needed to block him because he was after my money. I think she saw I was kinda hesitant about blocking and reporting him. Any of ya'll ever hang up the phone or slam the door on your banker or Loan Officer that was there trying to give you money. Let me tell you it ain't easy to do or to forget. I was the one that contacted his page though trying to figure if the person that hit me up couple days before was him or another Con-Artist. Don't think I got to tell you what he said. So I got Danielle on one end saying he's the Fraud and I got Todd on the other end telling me No she's the Fraud. Hell for all I knew they both were and looks like that's the way it really was. She's a women and good looking too so I went with my manly ways and let the women win even though I knew I was going to get hurt again, like Roper DawnMichelle that worked for Facebook Headquarters in Los Angeles California. 
            She tells me if you were really serious about winning this money you will do what I tell you know Block him and report him to Facebook so that we can finish the details of this transaction. She was very convincing and she had to be for real that was the first time one of them yelled at me. I'm thinking to myself this one's for real, so I did what she said and she was going to contact me Later that evening with the details of what to do. The Viper sinks her fang in me just enough to get me. Those of you that know some of this story she was the Scammers Best of The Best.THE VIPER----------------Mets Protect The Innocent--------Cory Triplett!!!!!