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Friday, November 20, 2015

First encounter with Danielle LamatPch (THE VIPER!)

Now Mind You at this point The Scammers had already came at me 4 to 5 times already so I was just starting to get hardened to there ways. Thought I had my emotions under control and I was going to catch every Last one of these people. Had many long nights in prayer asking the Lord to give me the strength to carry out this one Last Thing before he takes me back to heaven. I call it (I walk with the Angles). Call me crazy but I can see and feel them and there's no better feeling on this earth that to be blessed enough to be able to walk size by side with a Angle. I know my day's getting closer and closer but I know where I'm going, I've already seen it so Who's blessed and who's cursed. I got the chance to come back and set things in my personal life straight. So don't feel sorry for me For (I walk with Angles)I am Blessed. I tell you this now to so to explain when my memory ain't what it used to be if details get mixed it's because the pain makes me mix details up> There actual events but sometimes it can be two or three events and I remember like it was just one. Remember this I never Lie. Don't need to got enough of those people around they don't need my help. Way I see it they got that one covered. Maybe when all this is over I tell you all what happened to me. On to Danielle Lam.....