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Thursday, November 19, 2015

         Received a message from facebook Security today. Those two words should not go together Facebook and Security. They said that these cyber attacks were government based but they couldn't tell me more but to protect myself. No Shit sherlock what you think I been up against for the past 6 months. There trying to act like they have nothing to do with it but the attacks are coming from there camp in Facebook. The people that are coming at me are from Facebook Security Personal, I've known that I've always known that there the ones giving these cyber attackers my personnel information. Do they really think I don't know that I've made enemies on both sides of the board. The Cyber Crooks hate me because they can't shut me up or take me like the rest. I won't just go away or be muted like the rest. Then there's Big Brother Companies like Facebook Security And that don't like me because I made them look bad by telling the world what they've done. Let you know I'm going to keep telling my story till someone does something about what they've done to me and others. One things for sure what they did to me is not a game and I won't stop this until I know it won't and or can't happen to anyone else. 
          Publishers Clearinghouse's Prize Patrol says they don't send out Friend request and they don't ask for money this and my prof says they do and the people at Facebook are involved or working with them. They've came at me 15 or more times and because there big corporate giants nobody wants to do anything about it.