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Sunday, August 14, 2016

My Little Baby Brother Keith Allen ( Taz ) Triplett 8-27-1971 To 8-6-2016 R.I.P. Keith

I wasn't sure if any of his pictures were going to be in here so you need to give me a minute to clear my mind. Ok I'm back took me a minute. This might be a little hard for some of you that know me but just bear with me I had to get this out while it is still fresh on my mind. Mind this I haven't slept in three long weeks.
      My Twin brother Keith Allen ( Taz ) Triplett passed away on August 6th of 2016. Just three weeks shy of our 45th Birthday. There has been maybe a dozen or so days that have gone by in this life that me and my brother didn't talk to each other on a daily basis about everything from girls to politics to what ever but we always picked up the phone and called each other one way or another. I can't for the life of me remember one time where Keith failed to end each and every conversation with I Love You Cory and Don't you forget that. I told you this was going to be hard. See back in I think it was 2005 or so I died. I died they tell me 8 times on the tabel. Well when that happens you get a whole knew perspective on life and what life is about and I shared this with my twin brother and my family where you can't fear death when you already know where you are going.
        Call me crazy I really don't care but I tell everyone that since that day I say I walk with the angels because I can walk and talk with the angels because I might have left heaven to come back hear and finish some unfinished business but heaven never left me nor I left them. There is no greater peace in a mans soul to be able to feel the presents of the father at every turn and when a man knows he is on the right path of the father you are filled with that inner peace that can not be replaced by anything on this earth. I tell my Father in Heaven that I am nothing without him. I tell him that on a daily basis.
       Me and Keith led seperate lives but the same. I really don't know how it all turned out that way but Keith after rehab went to go stay with my dad and took over the role of a caregiver and I was hear in Texas doing the same for my mother. I told my twin brother that when I died I saw God and we had a disagrement about weither or not I was going to go forward or not. I couldn't leave my mother like this. The last time we had spoken we had gotten in this huge argument and I was not going anywhere until I mad it right. Oh really, Don't think your supposed to speak to the father in such a manner. But either or he proceeded to show me what I thought was real and things that where not real. To be more plain the people in my life that were real friends or so I thought and the ones that where not and I will tell you this it is the most heartbreaking thing to think you have friends and to find out what they really think about you when they can't hide there thoughts. Sometimes I thank him for that gift but sometimes it turns into a curse to feel what a person really thinks especially when it comes from a friend or family. That is one of the reasons why I have absolutely no friends as of this moment. Keith my brother was the only true friend I had left on this planet.
           Keith was the most generous down to earth man you could ever meet. He had his faults just like we all do in one way or another. I think both of us had our weaknesses for Beer and our Dallas CowBoys. I'm sure everyone can relate. But Keith went his way to be there to help my dad and I was on this end trying to help my mom which has been trying to have that knee surgury done for two years know but as usual she has been putting it off till I start getting something in with the appeals I have been fighting with social security administration right know. Hell I don't know anymore but they tell me I should be able to work but the ER last time I was in there told me I had at best 5 more years left and I was rapidly loosing blood and they didn't know why but they had to give me 6 units of blood because I was passing out. They tell me I need to get a lawyer but if I had the money for a lawyer don't you think I would have used that in the past 2 and half years to find me a good doctor. Getting off subject just a little hear but Keith had a anurism that made keith bleed out. But Keith told me a few months back that he was going to die and I just blew him off because the was I saw it I was going to go before anyone else. By the way the reason I died in the first place was because of over doing it on the pain killers for my back which caused a ulser to explode in my stomack that took one month in ICU and 6 months in recovery. After recovery life really had some changes for me like getting on the internet and being targeted by Facebook and Publishers Clearinghouse Scammers not to leave out google too which had a pretty good size hand in the pie.
        Todd Sloane and the Prize Patrol Team had set me up to be taken out by the scammers and my first scammer a Facebook employee was being hidden by Facebook Security itself. Even after I discover the coverup and that they where blocking me from finding Roper DawnMichelle they still did nothing about her or the other one Luanne Carr that I had gotten a full confession from and they still walk with Facebook telling me that they are not violating any Facebook policies. Fraud is not violating any policies how about the Law. There Will Be More Let You Ponder on That One Take A Break Be Back In A Minute.