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Monday, July 18, 2016

A final Farwell

During the course of these past two years I have to admit they weren't all good times. When I'm investigated for my legacy in all of this you will find some weeks I cought myself working online sometimes for more than 60 to 100 hours a week. This project devoued me and everything about me. That's part of the reason I wasn't able to see myself getting sick again. When I worked in the mainstream workforce as a Restraunt manager, I worked alot of hours and let the job take over my life but that wasn't anything compared to the obsesion for justice and the strive to get the word out and get people to listen so the could protect themselves against these people and as I used to say use knowlege of there activities as a weopen against them if only the public new. The problem I found was noone wanted to listen until it hit them where they lived or people they loved. What do you do. I fought this battle on my own unfunded this entire time. Still fighting social security to no evail and by the time I get my social security benifits it will be to late. So I'm going to go to my grave knowing my mother has had to support me for the past two years of my life while social security drags there feet till I'm gone. As for the public I'm sorry if I come accross a little bitter but in the two years. Thousands of you called and wrote and asked my advice and my help which I willingly gave and gave freely because my good lord father had commanded me to do so. None of you not even the churches that knew my situation ever lifted a finger to help myself or my family out no matter that I told the public every aspect of my life and gave up my life to the public because my lord called me to do it but for you christians out there and my father tells me I can tell you this know that it's over and he's calling me to go home. When the lord commanded me to a mission of service to the people to help while all this was going on. I gave you the people two very long years of sevice and extreme dedication to the protection of the Americian public because as I saw it and still do we have a threat. When god gives you a calling it is not meant to be a punishment or to put you in the poor house or go hungry. Not one of you or you churches ever lifted a finger to help me and I don't know if it was because you thought I was lieing or just didn't like me or my cause but either way it goes now these people are poping up all over the world doing the same thing and you could of hel;ped me stop it but dicided that you were in no immediate danger. Well now they are to big to control or capture and all you had to do back then was help and listen to me. I have less than a year to go so I don't get to watch it but to all of you good luck and god bless.