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Sunday, July 17, 2016

A final farwell

For those of you that need an introduction my name is Cory Triplett. I am known on and around the web as Protect The Innocent and Commander Cory and when this first started The War Room Commander. I run and organize my watchdog group and pages known as War On The Internet. I was turning my many web pages on Facebook and Google Plus and many more into a book but good Lord has had other plans for me. He's calling me home more sooner than later. For those of you that now me you know I'm good with that. I had already died a few years back and he gave me the opertunity and privialedge to come back and spend some time with my mother. At the time when I first died me and my mother weren't getting along and now we are almost inseperabile. He gave me the chance to make my piece with her and I wouldn't replace these past 5 to 6 years for anything in the world. Nothing in this world is perminate and I new when I came back I was a repair job on a very small rope. During this time I encountered this women in the picture a Facebook employee and online scammer who as to this date has been hiden away from prosecution because of Facebook, Google, and Publishers Clearinghouse's unusual ability to be above the Law. She was the first one of about 35 scammer attempts against me not including the threats on myself and my family which landed me in a underground hiding organization that hid and protected me for almost a year.. Unfortuntaly I won't be able to see her or her partners in crime find justice like I would have wanted to see. The Doctors have given me between one month and a year. They say my organs are shuting down and if all else fails my heart was going to give out because it hasn't been able to compensate from the pull of my failing Luns.