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Friday, April 22, 2016

Took a minute to get ready for this one. I found out a few months back that someone that wouldn't tell me who mind you this will blow your mind. Was using my social security number. I found this out because the IRS contacted me and said I owed 500 dollars for a 5000 dollar loan back in 2014. I don't know about you but I don't have that kind of money floating around were I wouldn't remember paying off a five thousand dollar loan. I called the finance company and they said they couldn't tell me who because they still had a account with them. After I explained the situation she said off the record if the IRS was to demand the information that they would have to say who it was. I contacted the IRS and told them everything including what the women said. Then after awhile they contact me by phone and tell me to sit tight and wait on a official letter from them. I get a letter basically telling me if you dispute the claim file an appeal yada yada same old just went through that. Its like they got amnesia. Everything we talked about they forgot. Know they call me and tell me the United States Federal Government is filing a Lawsuit against me. These are the same Scammers that have been on me how long know. They got how many thousands of dollars worth of computer equipment alone plus Revenue. Know they have Facebook, The Prize Patrol Team,, Google, Google Plus, Microsoft, and now the IRS, The United States Federal Government, who's on my side exactly. Cory Triplett known as Protect The Innocent for War On The Internet reporting from Cory's App Outhouse. Appriciate all the help and Support. Not$$$$$!!!!!!